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  1. Tami_F

    Preparing for the CPEDC

    Hi everyone. I have just under a month before the CPEDC exam, and am looking for a little guidance. The AAPC study guide is so puny! I code peds every day, and it's all I've ever coded; I'm afraid of going into the exam over-confident because of that. Do you have any tips on what I should be...
  2. Tami_F

    Peds MDM - how many points for historian?

    Hi Peds! There was a question posted in the Medical Coding General Discussion subforum recently that I hope someone here can help answer. Here's the thread. Basically, we are discussing how many points to give for a parent acting as an historian for a pediatric patient. How do you count it...
  3. Tami_F

    Studying for CDEO

    So far, there aren't any training materials available for this new certification. I'm anxious to get studying - does anyone have suggestions on where to start?