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  1. drspatil

    Preventive examination.

    Hi Friends, Can PCP performs "Preventive (AWV) visit" in nursing home. Kindly share any supportive web link. :cool::)
  2. drspatil

    CPMA CEU's

    Hi Everybody, Please guide how will we get free CEU's (AAPC approved) to maintain CPMA certification. Appreciate help.....
  3. drspatil

    New patient vs established patient

    A patient who was not having coverage from any insurance has taken medical service by a provider and paid in cash at that time. After few months, the same patient takes medical service by same provider but now patient is covered by some insurance. The provider will consider this patient as new...
  4. drspatil


    Hi Everybody, We are coding for California based OB physician. One Florida based patient taken OB care from our physician. Our physician wants to bill this visit one time OB visit there is no specific reasion for that visit except routine OB. So in this scenario we want to know which CPT and ICD...
  5. drspatil

    Need Medical Fee shedule

    Hi Everyone, We need Medical fee shedule for california state (northern) for OB/GYNE. Any inputs greatly appreciated.:confused:
  6. drspatil

    Modifier-supporting documentation

    Hello Everyone, We got denile on CPT code 99000. We have billed CPT 99385 with 99000 appending V72.31 but insurance denied 99000 and paid only 99385. They need modifier with 99385 so any one having supporting documentation to prove regarding same please share with me. Any...
  7. drspatil

    Need ICD coding help.

    Hi Everyone, I need help in ICD coding for below given findings of Echocardiography. "Moderately elevated pulmonary artery systolic pressure."
  8. drspatil

    ER Visit with EKG

    Hi Everyone When we billing for ER visit along with EKG(93000) or 93010 for a same physician on same DOS, here we need to append modifier 25 with ER visit or not? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. :confused:
  9. drspatil

    99050 and 99051

    Hi Everyone, Which is the key componant we need check when coding 99050 and 99051? Greatly appreciated any help.
  10. drspatil

    Diagnosis coding

    Hello Everyone, Documentatoin is DKA, Diabetic Neuropathy and DM-I, so in this situation we need to code DM-I (250.01)?
  11. drspatil

    Diagnosis coding help

    Hi all Documentation of 3rd nerve palsy, can we code 378.52 or 378.51?
  12. drspatil

    PQRI with ED

    Hi Everyone, I expecting some help regarding how to code PQRI with ED. Greatly appreciated any help.:confused: