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    Need Help with Coding Debridement

    Hi! Need help coding the following: Sharp Debridement of Stage 4 Sacral Decub.Ulcer Pt was in the Lt Lateral decubitus position. Given IV General. Sacra area steriley prepped and draped. 100 sq cm sacral decub.ulcer was sharply debrided of necrotic eschar. There was also necrotic muscle and...
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    Help With Coding Exc of Skin lesion with Full Thickness skin graft & Layered closure

    Help With Coding Exc of Skin lesion with Full Thickness skin graft & Layered closure Hi everyone! Just wondering if its appropriate to use the following codes: Excision of 3 Cm Leison Squamous cell ca of lt hand CPT 11623 with 8 cm layered closure CPT 12044 with 59 and Full...
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    Advancement Flap

    Does CPT 14040 include Excision of lesion? Thank You Hopp
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    Exc Malig Lesion with AT and T advancement flap

    Hi just needed some help with coding and Excison of malignant lesion and AT and T Advancement Flap CPt Manual states that the Flap does not include exc. of the lesion; however when I enter the codes it says disallow for the excision so I did add the 59 modifier and came up with clean claim...
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    Need CPT for RIH Lymph node bx with BB localization US guidance

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help? Trying to get precert for following Rt inguinal Lymph Node Bx with Preop BB Localization with Ultrasound guidance Thanks Deb, CPC
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    Please help with CPT code for Preop BB Localization

    Hi everyone! Trying to get precert for upcoming procedure and wondering if anyone can help me out. Right inguinal Lymph node Biopsy with preop B B localization with ultrasound guidance Thanks Deb, CPC
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    Please Help with Coding of Fulgeration of lesions

    Hi everyone! Wondering if I could help coding the following as Medicare has been denying. How do I code for Destruction of 4 lesions Actinic Keratosis? Thought that it was 17000 then 17003-59 17003-59 17003-59 and 17003-59 They are all different anatomical locations. Any...
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    ICD10 Assessment test

    Preparing for ICD 10 assessment test - Have Faye Brown Book but just wondering if I will need ICD 10 Code book I don't even think they have been released yet Does anyone know?? Deb, CPC
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    ICD10 Proficiency Help?

    ICD10 Proficiency test Help Thank you for your input so you think I would be fine with what I purchased! Deborah, CPC
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    ICD10 Proficiency Help?

    So getting really nervous about exam - Just recently purchased Faye Browns ICD10 Wkbook with answers and wondering how this relates to the AAPC's training and if this would be enough to prepare me for exam! Thanks for any input. Deborah, CPC
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    Help coding Evacuation of thrombosed hemorrhoid

    Just wondering if CPT 46083 is correct code for evacuation of thrombosed hemorrhoid Thanks Deb,CPC
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    Need Help with Coding Laparotomy

    Hi - PLEASE! Need help coding Surgery on the following: Exploratory Laparotomy was done along with Lysis of extensive adhesions and then through a separate incision an incarcerated LIH was performend. Thinking 49507 -LT and appending 22 modifier for the adhesions Not able to code for...
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    Help Coding Punch Biopsies

    Just wondering if I could get help coding the following: Physician performed Punch Bx X 3 in office: 1) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site 2) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site 3) Punch Biopsy Left Leg Prior surgical site (All were of the same lesion) Dx: Scan and changes...
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    Methylene Blue Injection

    HI Just need some help coding the following: Intradermal injection of Methylene Blue for Sentinel Lymph Node Identification Was thinking of CPT 38792 Thanks for any help Deb CPC
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    internal hemorrhoidectomy

    Internal hemorrhoidectomy Check out CPT Code: 46255 Hope this helps Deb, CPC
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    CPT for Evacuation of Ext Thromb.Hemo

    Re: Evacuation of thromb hemorhoid That's where I was confused Dr. stated Evacuation and not excision of thrombosed hemorrhoid external thanks deb
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    CPT for Evacuation of Ext Thromb.Hemo

    HI Everyone! Just looking for Help with a CPT code for Evacuation of an external Thrombosed Hemorrhoid office Procedure Have 2 in mind just not sure which is correct 46083 or 46320 Thanks in advance for any help CPC Deb
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    Need Help With Exc lesion With A to T Flap

    Thank you for response-Still uncertain! I thought that CPT 14000 included layered closure. Was just wondering based on note posted if that would warrant CPT code 13131 with 59. Confused! TIA Deb,CPC
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    Need Help With Exc lesion With A to T Flap

    Hi! Wondering if I anyone can help coding the following: Exc forehead lesion with FS (Clear Margins)- Triangular portion of skin was exc. superiorly and a horiz.incision was made at base of the circle of the initial incision and extended outward on each side to create 8 sq cm A to T...
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    Help Coding SmBowelresect/Clsoure enterostomy

    Hi Wondering if someone would be able to help code small bowel resect. Closure of enterostomy with enterostomy and cholecystectomy. The enterostomy occured when using sharp dissection in mobilizing the the distal bowel Any help would be appreciated! Cholecystectomy was done due to...
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    Wound Care/Dressing change Help with CPT

    HI Everyone! Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a CPt code for wound care/dressing change Example: Pt comes into office has open wound Physician cleans the wound and dresses wound with 4x4 then pt comes back following week has wound cleaned and dr places new dressing (Wound...
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    Help With CPT Code 97602

    Hi There! Does anyone know if this code has been replaced? It is in my 2013 CPT book; however I noticed that it does not appear on the Medicare Fee Sched. Wound cleansing/Tx by nurse TIA Hopp,CPC
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    Help Coding: Colonoscopy then RemFB Rectum

    Hi Just wondering if anyone would be able to help code following: 1) Colonoscopy to mid sigmoid Dx FB Rectum thought that it would be 45378-53 2) Laparotomy - and removal of FB of the rectum (All was done same day) I know that I prob. cant bill for lap and only rem. Just cant find a...
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    Please help with coding 17000 and 17110

    Hi Just wondering if someone could help clarify coding of 17000 and 17110 regarding units On CPT 17000 - If mult.lesions are fulgurated (Premalig) 702.0 Ex: 14 then I would use units; however if mult lesions are fulgurated (702.11 Inf. Seb Keratosis) Ex:14 then I have to code JUST the 17110...
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    Need Help Coding Colonoscopy mult polyps

    Hi Just wondering if I could get help with the following: Colonoscopy to cecum 1) Snare polyp distal Ascending colon 2) Snare 3 polyps of midsigmoid colon 3) Snare 2 polyps of distal sigmoid colon 4) Snare 3 polyps of rectum Thinking that I could code 45385 for #1 then 45385 -59 stating...
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    Partial cholecystectomy

    Partial Cholecystectomy My thought process would be to code Lap Chole with a Reduced Service modifier 52 and send the operative notes to show exactly what your surgeon performed. Then when the next procedure is done Code and bill accordingly. Hope this helps. (If he did just do lysis of...
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    Excision cysts neck

    Hi Please help me to code following: Exc of 2 epidermal cysts of the neck - 1 incision the subcutaneous tissue was dissected from the muscle fascia. 8 cm incision which incorporated the 2 cysts along with 8 cm layered closure. Was thinking CPT:11423 along with 12044 but just wasnt...
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    Help Coding Exc. Inf Cyst back

    Coding Exc Cyst back Thank you so much for your help with this: Path: Granuloma left back Tissue: Cyst wall Also, When or would you use the 2000 codes for an excison of cyst? Please let me know as I am still very confused about the 2000 codes TIA Deb,CPC
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    Help Coding Exc. Inf Cyst back

    inf Cyst back Can anyone HELP? Please Thank you Deb, CPC
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    Help Coding Exc. Inf Cyst back

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone would be able to help coding following: Exc 3 cm inf.cyst of the back that was excised to the muscle fascia and elevated off the muscle fascia using Bovie. Exam.of superior flap revealed approx.1cm residual cyst wall ext.proximally and this was sharply dissected...
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    Please Help Coding Debridement

    Debridement Thanks so much for all of your help - Guess will try to appeal and use operative notes Deb, CPC
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    Please Help Coding Debridement

    Debridement Place of Service was hospital - Just wondering if I have to code 11403 then 11406 and then 11406-59 each separate time indicating another 20sqcm like 10 times to equal the whole total 225cm?? Any other input would be appreciated Deb, CPC
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    Please Help Coding Debridement

    Wondering if someone would be kind enough to help with following: Debridement skin and muscle of massive sacral decub ulcer 15 x 15 cm I orig. coded 11043 along with 11046 x 10 and was denied on the 11046 stating this many not allowed so just wondering should I have coded procedure Thanks...
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    coding for hernia

    Test Prep Did you think about choosing B-49563(incarcerated and that code includes mesh insert) Deb,CPC Sorry I did mean for u to choose B ( but i meant 49653)
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    Lipoma Coding??

    Perplexed about coding Lipoma(s) Skin Vs Soft tissue Pre op DX: Massive lipoma lt chest OP Note: Lt chest prepped and drapped. 27 cm elliptical inc made over subcu lipomatous mass etc etc etc. Path: Tissues: Tissue - Lipoma lt chest. Diag Imp: Left chest lesion: Atrophic skin with...
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    Please help coding flap procedure

    Good morning! Wondering if I could possibly get some help coding following op note: 5mm squamous cell carcinoma lt cheek excissed using triangular exc. incorp. 5mm margins all sides. Apex of specimen was maked with suture. Bovie cautery used for hemostasis and was used to elevate lesion off...
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    Please Help with CPT code:Triple Lumen Cath and Also Femoral Arterial line

    Hi! Wondering if someone would be kind enough to help with CPT code for following Triple Lumen Catheter - I think that it is 36556 and also for insertion of a Right femoral arterial line 36245 Thanks in advance Deb, CPC
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    Admit during Post Op Please help with Coding

    Admit during PO for Cellulitis Thanks so much for your help - thats exactly what I was thinking but just wasnt sure Thanks again DebCPC
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    Admit during Post Op Please help with Coding

    Hi! Just wondering about coding an admit during a post op global - Example: Pt had exceison of basal Cell Carcinoma leg and then approx 3 days later developed cellulits and had to be admitted to hospital. Can I bill for the admit with the 24 modifier or would this be considered related to...
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    New Pt Office Visit&Punch Bx

    Hi there everyone - Just wanted to know if someone would be able to help me coding following: New Pt comes to office with a Susp.lesion and my doc happens to do punch bx at that time: Documentation: Lesion back suspicious OP: Punch bx Would I code a new pt visit(25 modifier) along with the...
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    Please help with coding perianal fistulae

    Perianal Fistulae Did you look at codes 11770-11772 might be able to use one of those. Hope this helps Deb, CPC
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    Need Help coding Closure of complex laceration

    Coding repair laceration of knee So then I shoud code using total length 11cm? using 12004 Deb CPC
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    Need Help coding Closure of complex laceration

    Re:Help Coding Complex Closure PLEASE! Looking from some help Re:Closure of complex laceration knee I was thinking 13121 but then not sure about how to apply for each additional cm 13133 - 6 more times as I believe the total cm was 42 TIA Deb, CPC
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    Need Help coding Closure of complex laceration

    Looking for help coding following: There was a proximally based broad-based flap laceration left knee. Base of flap measured 12cm. Length of flap was 7cm. There was a secondary flap measuring 4cm in length and 2 cm in width. Leg prepped and draped. Flaps were mobilized. Wound irrigated and...
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    Need Help Coding Colonoscopy

    Thanks so much for your help:)
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    Need Help Coding Colonoscopy

    Please help coding following Colonoscopy: 6 polyps extending from the cecum to mid transverse colon cold biopsied and rem. by cold biopsy bites. CPT: 45380 - 59 6 polyps from transverse colon to rectum removed via snare. CPT: 45385 also 4 polyps in the rectum were also fulgerated. (I dont...
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    Coding Destruction - Please Help

    Destruction - Thanks for your help I was confused because my physician just got a cryo unit and a CPT coding list came with it and says to bill CPT 17000 for Seb. Keratosis and I just wanted clarification as I thought that 17000 was only for premalig leisons Actinic Keratosis Deb, CPC
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    Coding Destruction - Please Help

    Wondering which is the correct CPT for Dest. of a Seb.Keratosis - Thought that it was 17110 just not sure Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Deb,CPC
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    Help Coding Excision of Lipoma

    Coding lipoma Thank u so much! I thought so.
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    Help Coding Excision of Lipoma

    Hi just wondereing if someone would be able to help me code the following: Excision of 5 x 3 cm mass lower back. Transverse incision made through the skin and Subcu. tissue overlying palpable mass. Drain placed. Subcu closed with 2-O and skin closed with skin staples. Path: Portions of...