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    Question Coding help?!?! Plastic surgery and flaps

    I have been a certified coder for about 4 years now and I've been looking for help on coding surgical flaps and plastic surgeries. Does anyone know of any websites, books or apps that could help with this? I know there are skin flaps, muscle flaps, free flaps, myocutaneous flaps, etc. But I have...
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    Question burns and wounds

    All, I am a certified professional coder for physicians at a burn and wound center. I'm searching for any rules or guidelines to show how it is determined by coders and insurance companies what body parts are coded under 15002, 15003 vs 15004, 15005. I cannot find any information on this. Any...
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    Question bilateral carpal tunnel release 64721

    One of my surgeons are doing CTR on both wrists. I am unsure of how to correctly bill this code since bilateral is not allowed per the fee schedule. Can someone please help? I was thinking just to use 64721-RT, 64721-LT? Thanks.
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    wound exploration surgery

    surgery date of service: 01/04/19 diagnosis: burn 2nd degree <1% to face and left ear Patient's injury was due to a firework explosion and gun powder penetrated through the face and left ear. I need to code for a wound exploration (20100-20103) but I'm not sure if these CPT codes are...
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    Icd-10 codes for decubitus ulcer stage 2 trochanter and ischium

    I have a hard time correctly coding for a pressure ulcer of the trochanter and of the ischium. I code the stage by the documentation provided by the physician, but I am uncertain as to which site is correct for both the trochanter and the ischium. Should it be hip, buttock, or unspecified? I've...
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    ostectomy- not indicated as partial or complete?

    I'm coding a surgery from from procedure report (and hasn't been dictated yet). They did not indicate whether the ostectomy was partial or complete. Is there a default to code when they don't give you the information (like in icd-10) or would I need to request this information before I can code...
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    Please help!! extension of fasciotomy with debridement

    Is anyone familiar with coding an "extension of fasciotomy"? The doctor performed a fasciotomy to patient's right lateral posterior thigh on 5/31/18 (we coded 27025) due to compartment syndrome. They are now performing an "extension of the fasciotomy" to the same site on 6/6. I've never billed...
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    transection/repair of adductor pollicis muscle

    I'm trying to code a surgery for repair/transection of adductor pollicis muscle but I'm not sure if cpt 26591 is correct?
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    difference between 40650 and 12011

    I'm trying to code a laceration to the upper lip simple 1 cm but the doctor clearly states "across the white roll on the vermilion" so I'm trying to determine the difference between 40650 and 12011 and which would be correct to use??