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  1. mdcorral

    Cpt 95165

    Following...we've been having issues too, but I think it's because we mix too much at one time. How does your clinic mix the serum?
  2. mdcorral

    96413 chemo infusion-California

    I'm researching this now, as our providers would like to start administering Provenge, and I came across some additional options for administration (96365-96367). Have you tried those? Best Regards, ~Melissa
  3. mdcorral

    Who's going to Chicago?

    I'm hoping to make it, and just curious how many other familiar faces I may see at the end of August. Thankfully I have family in Illinois, and a cousin in Chicago, so I may make it a family vacation too! I look forward to seeing the responses! Best Regards, ~Melissa
  4. mdcorral

    Conference Printouts

    Here's what I did to get mine: Go to My AAPC; click on Purchases/Items; then find 2014 Healthcon. Scroll below the box for Slide Presentations and check the box, I agree. Then it should bring up a listing of presentations, click on them and they should open in a new tab/window. Then you can...
  5. mdcorral

    Conference Printouts

    FYI...4A downloaded for me today, so it appears to be fixed! ~Melissa
  6. mdcorral

    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    KDMarshall, Dress code is always a great question. Directly from the HealthCon FAQ page, here you go: Appropriate attire for sessions and networking events is smart casual. We suggest wearing comfortable shoes due the amount of walking in large convention centers. Comfortable dress is...
  7. mdcorral

    Conference Printouts

    Has anyone had trouble downloading 4A-Advanced E/M Auditing? I keep getting an error message. Has someone by chance already report this to AAPC Conference team? Thanks, ~Melissa
  8. mdcorral

    Opry tickets

    Julie, Typically there's someone around all day to help... Can't wait to see everyone in Nashville soon! Best Regards, ~Melissa
  9. mdcorral

    Conference Printouts

    Thanks for the update werner03! I will download them and save them to my flash drive tomorrow! ~Melissa
  10. mdcorral

    "Separate Procedure"

    Tracy, I know Debra responded, but you may want to consider posting this under a different forum to get more responses. The Nashville Conference forum is typically focused on questions/comments regarding the upcoming national AAPC conference. Best Regards, ~Melissa
  11. mdcorral

    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    I haven't heard of an announcement for the regional conferences that will be held later in the year. Although I would assume, and you know what happens when you do, that AAPC will have several like they hosted in January and the upcoming one in February, where it will be primarily focused on...
  12. mdcorral

    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    Recommendations husband and, in April, our son will be 20 months old, will be joining me, I know I can google the internet for things for them to do while we are in conference sessions, but any direct suggestions from those local to the Nashville area? Best Regards, ~Melissa
  13. mdcorral

    Roll Call: Who's attending HEALTHCON in Nashville?

    I can't wait either... Looking at the schedule, Tuesday or Wednesday maybe a good time for a get together! I wonder when the Grand Ole Opry will get their schedule set for April??? See you all at Healthcon! Best Regards, ~Melissa
  14. mdcorral

    How to get free CEUs

    It's true...check it out online too! I always here of others getting their "Cutting Edge" before I do, so I look for it online now! Have a good one! ~Melissa