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  1. mdm58

    Question Coding Changes made by AR Staff

    We have three AR people in my office that often will change my coding. If the claim denies for any reason (ie: request for med records) if the claim has modifiers listed for pacemakers or defibrillators or TAVRS the AR people first just remove the modifiers and rebill the claim instead of...
  2. mdm58

    Icd for Primary prevention denials

    Seems all of our ICD 33249 are denying that are being billed for Primary prevention. Since we changed from CAHABA to Palmetto we are getting medical necessity denials. Does anyone else have this problem and does any one know if the requirements have changed or what's the deal
  3. mdm58

    Split Shared billing in Hospital

    I have found conflicting information on line about split/shared IP consults for Medicare. Since Medicare will not accept Consult codes can you split share the admit code that you would need to bill to Medicare ie if the consult were to be a 99255 and you changed the code to 99223 can you...
  4. mdm58

    Help with icd 10coding

    I found a new website on line to search for icd 10 codes it is and it is an awesome tool
  5. mdm58

    Review of Systems

    My question is if the pt fills out the review of systems questionnaire. And the Dr (Cardiology) in his dictation list hard of hearing in his review, and states ROS reviewed with pt. And that's all that is in his note. Can he count that as a complete ROS?:p If anyone has an answer for this...
  6. mdm58

    Coding for bi v defibrillator relocation +++

    Dr Is moving ICD to other side of pt's chest doe to recent dx of Lung CA. But the existing leads will will have to be extended so extenders for the leads have been ordered. I have looked and for the relocation looks like the code would be 33223. But what codes would be used for the extenders...
  7. mdm58

    Correct Dx Coding

    If a Physician states I "believe" the pt has non reversible bradycardia due to xxx can you bill the xxx DX code?
  8. mdm58

    Closure of PFO and ASD

    If Dr uses two devices to close a PFO and ASD in the same procedure can 93580 b billed twice?
  9. mdm58

    Documentation question

    can I code a procedure using DX that may be indicated with in the pt's chart by other Drs but was not used as an indication for a procedure on my Drs OP NOTE
  10. mdm58

    DX Help

  11. mdm58


    I have a patient my Dr Removed infected defibrillator and leads. he then gives me a charge of 33207 in the body of his report he states he used an old PM generator that still had plenty of life left and he does give me the serial # of new permanent pacing wire. No mention of where the...
  12. mdm58

    Cinefluoroscopy Aortic Valve

    Does anyone know if this procedure can be billed in conjunction with a LHC? And if it can what CPT code would you use?
  13. mdm58

    Workers Comp Consult

    We had a consult(IP Consult) that was billed to workers comp and they are denying because of our DX we saw the pt for 427.31 and the WC pays for DX 202.2 pt has expired pt's daughter calls and wants the 202.2 DX added to our claim. I get a call for our A/R person asking if it can be added to...
  14. mdm58

    TAVR claims

    Is anyone getting TAVR claims paid? Medicare is denying invalid or missing Clinical Trial # but it is on the claim. If anyone knows how to get these pd please email me @ Thanks
  15. mdm58

    Cardiology Charge Card

    Does anyone have a copy of a hospital charge card (index card that dr can just check procedure codes and enter dos for rounding charges) If anyone has one that they could email to me that would be wonderful! Email address Thanks
  16. mdm58

    Help with a pulmonary vein CPT Code

    I have a procedure a congenital R&L Heart Cath, Pulmonary Artery angio, and also per the Dr dictation selective L&R upper and lower pulmonary VEIN angio. I can not find a code for the VEIN Study. Can anyone help with this?? Thanks
  17. mdm58

    Hardware removal-does nay one know

    does nay one know is antibiotics are given prior to hardware removal
  18. mdm58

    Life Watch and Cardi o net CPT codes

    Does anyone know the correct codes for billing for Life watch and Cardi o net??
  19. mdm58

    Job opportunity

    Any one have ALL the requirements 2+ years of OP coding experience - Physician coding experience - Cardiology - Nextgen software Send me an email @
  20. mdm58

    93642 with in global period

    I am billing 93642 within the 90day global.Do I use a modifier or not???
  21. mdm58

    Crosswalk for New Cardiology Codes

    Does anyone have a crosswalk for all the 2013 cardio codes? If any one has one would you please e mail me @ THANKS
  22. mdm58

    BiV upgrade

    I have a generator replacement attached to existing RV lead and insertion of new LV lead. Does any one know how to code this procedure. 33224 is and upgrade code but Does it include insertion of a new generator? and the 33225 is not an add on code for 33262 .... If any can help please e mail...
  23. mdm58

    2012 debifrillator codes

    My Dr removed the generator replaced gen and added BIV lead. Does ANYONE know how to code the removal replacement and adding of the 33225 :confused: if so would you please email me @ THANKS
  24. mdm58

    93567 denials

    Is anyone getting denials for 93567 when biiled with a cath the denial is for missing modifier. If so could you email me if you any suggestions as to how to get this add on code paid. Thanks
  25. mdm58

    Looking for a remote coding position

    I am looking for a remote coding position I have 25 years of medical experience 9 years as a certified coder My main experience is in Cardiology hospital procedures i.e Caths ,stents EP studies PM, Defib, and interventional studies. I can be contacted @
  26. mdm58


    Does any one know how to code a Adenosine Challenge test during a rt heart cath
  27. mdm58

    ICD pocket

    I have one Dr from one practice that just created the pocket for an ICD (surgeon) and my Dr that inserted the ICD and leads. Does anyone have any idea how both Drs can bill just for the services they performed:
  28. mdm58

    I need help

    I need a code for Endovascular repair of popliteal artery
  29. mdm58

    ICD 9 Code for Loeys-Dietz Syndrome

    I have looked and looked and have not been able to find a Dx for this specific syndrome the best I can come up with is 759.89. CAN ANYONE HELP
  30. mdm58

    Nips Can someone help

    A:eek: re there 2 different codes depending on the device? Looking in the Heart Rhythm Society book I have 93724 and 93642 are both called NIPS:
  31. mdm58

    Cardiology Speciality Test

    Cardiology Specialty Test Has anyone taken the Card Spec Test?: