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    lysis of penile adhesions

    Circumsized, no anesthesia, 54162
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    Billing for T1013

    Hello, I just re-read page 7-8 of my CPT 2018 Professional, and I am not finding the information that you explained in reference to the units of time. When I read the explanation of T1013 it says per 15 minutes and anything less than 15 minutes I don't count. Did you get this information from a...
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    CPT code 54150

    Response to CPT code 54150 Hey there, Not sure if you have your answer, but if you go to the Index of your CPT, look up Circumcision, under Surgical Excision - Neonate - 54150 and 54160 are there for newborn. Great question though because you're right it doesn't specify...
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    Neurology coder

    Interested Hello, I agree, there is not much resource help with Neurology coding. I would love a credential and education for this!
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    Neurology Coding Help

    Hello, I am hoping that I can find some help with Neurology coding. I have been searching for resources and there doesn't seem to be very many available. This particular Neurologist does not perform surgeries, only outpatient care. Does anyone know of any good resources that help with coding...