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    Question Parathyroidectomy with transcervical thymectomy

    Hello Everyone, In the following encounter, Is thymectomy inclusive of Parathyroidectomy I'm coming up with CPT:60500(parathyroidectomy) and 60520 which is thymectomy(separate procedure) Any suggestions? PROCEDURES PERFORMED: 1. Parathyroidectomy with 4-gland exploration. 2. Transcervical...
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    Cystoscopy with right ureteral stent placement.

    Good Morning, Can anyone help with the procedure codes. I am split between these two codes CPT 52332-RT and 50081. As per conclusion there were no removable stones. I'm confused. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right renal calculi. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right renal calculi. PROCEDURE: 1. Right...
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    Bilateral inguinal hernias, incisional hernia

    Good Morning, I need help with the below encounter. Two inguinal hernias were repaired laparoscopically. Did the approach is through incisional hernia defect? Any input is greatly appreciated. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral inguinal hernias, incisional hernia POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS...
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    Question Intraoral flap debulking

    I'm new to this speciality. Can anyone help me with the coding. Operation Intraoral flap debulking Incision and drainage of neck mass with placement of iodoform Technique After obtaining informed consent, patient was brought back to the operating room where he underwent general anesthesia...