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    procedure with 0 global

    When billing a procedure with a 0 global, can you bill E/M the following day? I seem to remember that these procedures (ie: cystoscopy-52000) have a zero global, but when billing E/M for follow-up care, Medicare will not pay for 10 days. Did I dream this? I know I've read something to this...
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    Provider billing E/M with procedure

    I could see billing an office visit with a 25 modifier and the procedure code as long as the patient had not presented on an earlier date and had this evaluated for treatment. The patient may have presented to the office assuming this was going to be removed, however, the physician has to...
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    AWV with a prostate exam

    It's been quite a while since I've billed for this, but we used to bill G0102 (with dx: V76.44) in addition to an E/M. The G0102 is specific to prostate cancer screening (digital rectal examination as per HCPCS). I know Medicare has made some changes to their wellness visits with the reform...
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    I understand completely. We've realized the need to voluntarily send these refunds to Medicare as well and wondered if we should go ahead and voluntarily refund the secondary payer. I'm not sure if Medicare forwards this information to the secondary or not, so we've always opted to refund both...
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    Question about Radiology coding.... HELP!!

    I work for an office that codes and bills for Radiology (Professional Component only), but the question I have is... Do you code from the indication/reason for the test or the conclusion? We have differing opinions in our office and want to ensure we're doing this correctly. Any help would be...
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    newborn hospital billing

    When billing a 99460 for initial care of a newborn, is it appropriate to also bill an inpatient admission (99221-99223)? With 99465 (PPV testing) do you also bill an inpatient admission? We keep seeing "normal" baby and most of our babies are "normal"... does the admission charge only apply...
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    New patients and nurse practitioners/PAs

    Thanks for that tip, I'm in Virginia....
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    New patients and nurse practitioners/PAs

    I work for a practice that currently has 1 PA employed and will soon be employing an NP. I am questioning whether or not they can see new patients with any insurance, including Medicare. I had always been under the impression that they could not see new Medicare patients, but could with all...
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    I need help regarding 11720 - Nail Debridement

    I am having trouble getting this 11720 paid. My doctor is a family practitioner and does this procedure quite often. I just recently realized this can be paid if I use the Q7, Q8 or Q9 modifier if appropriate. When I look at these modifiers in HCPCS they are "class A, B and C findings" and I...
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    Nebulizer treatments and medications coding

    When you bill for a nebulizer treatment and albuterol and ipratropium bromide are the meds used with the treatment, do you bill for the meds in addition to the treatment? I've never had any luck getting reimbursed for the meds though our office is buying these medications to go with the...
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    Greenfield Filter

    Thanks, that's what we ended up using, so let's hope it's right. A couple of codes sounded good ~ I can't think of the other right now....
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    Greenfield Filter

    What CPT code would you use to report a Greenfield filter placement... we're having trouble locating that code?