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    Auditing system

    I am in the process of implementing an audit system for our coding Dept, I would like to know what most say their accuracy rate is, do you audit a percentage and how often do you audit?
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    new rules for Shoulders in 2013

    "CMS considers the shoulder joint to be a single anatomic structure". has anyone looked into this further? Meaning if you do more then one procedure on "a shoulder" you can only bill one code whether it is open or scoped?
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    I am taking a long shot here... I have a physician who does EMG's, when doing those she sometimes does "special studies" to make sure there are not any undlying conditions, she calls the Bacterian, a transcarpal median/radial comparison and ulnar Inchiry?? has anyone ever heard of these and if...
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    non operative treatment of a fracture

    We have a paitent who saw another ortho group 6 months ago for a radius/ulna fracture. In november the patient started seeing us. they now delveloped a non-union of that fracture. Can our physician charge non operative treatment of that fracture even though is is 6 months old and is a non...
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    injections during post op global period

    I have a physician who did an injection 20610 due to post op knee pain during a post op period from a knee scope 29881. Can he bill the 20610 or is included as a part of the surgical package? What i am looking for is if you can't actual documentation stating medicare does not allow it...
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    Hand Coding

    I need your help....I have attached the op note for you too look at and give your suggestions! Preoperative diagnosis - Tendon adhesions and loss of extension of the left index finger. Postoperative diagnosis - Tendon adhesions and loss of extension of the left index finger. Procedures...
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    fracture management

    Does anyone have any documention that shows that you should not or can't bill a manangment of a fracture when the medical decision making has not been made due to the physician ordering a CT and in his report it states "will order CT and patient may need surgical intervetion pending CT results"...
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    Closed treatment of acetabulum vs. ORIF

    I am need of help. My senerio is there is a physician on call and has a patient come into the hospital with a acetabulum fx. the doctor tells us to charge a closed treatment of an acetbulum fx w/o manip (27220). On the doctors notes he quotes "we tell treat patient non operatively pending...
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    Care Plan Oversight - I work for a group of orthopedics

    Gotta Question...Need Help! I work for a group of orthopedics and some of our physicians want to charge for care plan oversight. My question is if a patient has a total joint replacement, can our physician charge care plan oversight even though they are in a surgical global period? Thanks! Carol
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    E/M Coding

    I want to post this office visit out and would like some input on how you would code this level of E/M. Thanks! CHIEF COMPLAINT: Follow-up, low back pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: His symptoms have improved with rest and physical therapy. He has had his MRI scan. The Aleve is helping...
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    noncompliance with medical treatment

    I have a patient that one of our physicians did surgery on that patient was not compliant with his treatment. I noticed that there is a V code (V15.81) in the ICD-9 book. Has anyone billed an office visit in the global period with this code and get paid on it? Your help is greatly...
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    E/M Coding Cheat Sheet

    Would anyone by chance have an E/M coding cheat sheet that they could share with me or lead me into the right direction to look for one. One of my new physicians is needing one to help him with his coding..what he is looking for is a SIMPLE breakdow of the bullets and so forth that is needed...
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    We resently were consulted on patients who were evacuated from a louisiana hospital to our hospital. these patients have all undergone surgery for total's, fractures and such. i am using the appropriate diagnosis codes for follow-up, pain, infecttion but i was curious if anyone knew of a V or...