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    Question 99309 in every visit!

    Hi, we have fee- for - service , Medicare - SNF services, I have SNF- skilled nursing facility coding - Patient have CVD, Neuropathy with Diabetes and many more - provider consistently coding 99309 code for his visit , not much change in the documentation. Is it appropriate? appreciate reply
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    Group Phychotherapy

    Hi, If Group Psychotherapy is performed by nonpsychologist then what code should I code? I tried 90853 but got denied, any suggestions welcome. Thank you
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    80307 and G0483 - Billing

    Hi, As everyone knows that UDS (80307 - detect the presence of drugs or drug classes in urine ) and UDC (G0483 - (Identify the specific drug in the Urine, A final diagnosis that is made after getting the results of tests) codes. Now, my question is do we billed them together on the same DOS...
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    Pain management doctor suggested only 2cc Betamethasone injected. No mg / ml!!, How can I code this? J0702 - it ststed 3mg it means - 3mg/ml ( 1ml =1cc) s0, is it j0702 x 2???
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    Local Anesthesia code for pain management procedures

    For RFA - Radiofrequency Ablation ( 64633 - 64636 ), do I need to code Local anesthesia seperately? and for joint and bursa injection - 20610 , 20605 do I code local anesthesia seperately , 3 ml of 1% Lidocaine. ?? And Provider uses fluroscopy so do I code for ex : left shoulder joint injection...
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    About New NPI and Tax id

    Hi, we are in the same location, same providers and patients too(!!), but my company got hired by another company so, our tax id and NPI changed. My question is do we consider the patient as a established patient or new patient?? As per my knowledge it should be new but Medicare denied few of...
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    Urvi - Medical Coder and Reimbursement Specialist, CPC-A

    Urvi Shah , CPC-A Louisville, Ky Email : Objective : Seeking for Medical Coder and Reimbursement Specialist Job (CPC-A) Education •June 2017 - Medical Coding and Reimbursement Specialist Jefferson Community and Technical college, Louisville, KY GPA: 3.704 •May 2002 –...