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    I need a template/guide for Comprehensive exam

    You can try EMuniversity, you will get everything for EM
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    ICD -10 Proficiency Test

    I think anyone can take this test only before 1 year of implementation, with 2 attempts which will an online unproctored exam.
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    Newly credentialed members.

    Hi, Just need some thoughts from experts.. "Why can't the name of members who get their CPC from INDIA can be added in the issue of coding edge going forward" under Newly credentialed members". A small recognition for the hardwork, because it's not easy to get CPC .:)
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    Hi all, Can we use CPT 28296, 28645 and 20680 in one instance, if the document supports??
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    R u from india shalini, I am from india, I am a CPC

    R u from india shalini, I am from india, I am a CPC
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    pregnancy - What ICD-9 code do you use for a normal

    Pregnancy.. Hi, Use code V22.1, the code which you used 22.2 is a secondary diagnosis which means pregnant state incidental. when your using V22.2, the reason for the visit is not pregnancy and its related complications but when u use V22.1, it is used for supervision of normal pregnancy. I...
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    Hi ajeesh. Ow r u man.?

    Hi ajeesh. Ow r u man.?
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    List of New, Revised & Deleted ICD-9 CM for 2010

    New codes.. Hi, These are the invalid codes for 2010 and if you want a complete detail. please send me ur mail Id, so that I can forward it Dx code Description 239.8 Neoplasm of unspecified nature of other specified sites 274.0 Gouty arthropathy 279.4...
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    ICD help

    ICD help.. Hi, if the condition is a post operative condition, we can go for 458.29 or else I am would code 458.8. Regards,:)
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    Hi partha, Ow r u. I dnt know you before, am just conveyng my regards

    Hi partha, Ow r u. I dnt know you before, am just conveyng my regards
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    Hi.. r u online

    Hi.. r u online
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    Bleeding in early pregnancy

    Bleeding in early pregnancy.. Hi, We would use dx code 640.93 for before 22 weeks gestation and Dx 641.93 for after 22 weeks gestation.. Hope this helps you.. Regards,:cool:
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    How to bill this scenario..

    Hi all, Debridement;skin, subcutaneous tissue (11042) was done at 9 different sites on a same day. 11042- RT leg 11042 - Rt medial ankle 11042 - Rt grt toe 11042 - Rt second digit 11042 - Rt foot 11042 - Lt medial ankle 11042 - Lt grt toe 11042 - Lt second digit 11042 - Lt heel How can be...
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    DRG coding ......

    Hi all, Where can I get some resources and informations on DRG coding.. Regards,
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    Please hele me ASAP..

    What are the ways.. Hi, Please tell me any other quick way...
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    Please hele me ASAP..

    Hi All, I am a certified medical coder from INDIA, I have been asked by AAPC for verification of CEU's which I have already submitted.This is the first year of my CEU submission,hence, I don't know that the CEU's which was awarded before the date of my certification is not valid.I have...
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    Perot Systems

    Perot systems.. I Was working for perot system in INDIA... Regards,
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    Membership renewal...

    Hi All, I have my renewal of my international membership on 07/31/09, Please let me know.. what will happen if I haven't paid my membership fee before that day. Is there any grace period to pay the membership renewal fees. Regards,
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    72069, 72080 or 72090?????

    72069.. Hi, I will go for 72069 Typically a film is taken of the thoracolumbar spine from front to back (AP) while the patient is standing erect. This film is used to detect any curvature of the spine when scoliosis or other pathology may be present. Regards, ::)
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    Anyone on CPC-P certification..

    Hi All, I would like to know in detail about the CPC exam, here are my questions : 1.Is it the same like CPC? 2.Will there be more questions on Medical billing comparitively to CPC? 3.what is the Scope for CPC-P? 4.Can i write that from INDIA? Please tell me your valuable thoughts on this...
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    Help with E/M Level

    99231.. I would go with 99231 as well, as only two out of three key somponents is enough to determine 99231. I got the two components in examination and MDM. Problem focussed examination and LOW RISK because of PT. regards, :p
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    R u a CPC coder???

    R u a CPC coder???
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    HI, R u frm India?

    HI, R u frm India?
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    Hi, Please add me in msn, as I will be in in online most of the time... SO that we can move...

    Hi, Please add me in msn, as I will be in in online most of the time... SO that we can move further.. Regards, Pratap.
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    Postmortem code..

    Codes 88000 - 88099. When can we use codes in the series 88000- 88099. Can you please explain ?? regards, Pratap.:(
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    Postmortem code..

    Hi, Just to know in curiosity about whether "we have any cpt code for postmortem"?? How will be the doctor is paid if he does a postmortem procedure.?? Any valuable thoughts.. regards, :eek:
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    Asterisk symbol...

    Thanks reebcca too... Rebecca, Thanks for your valuable thought... I am clear now...... Regards, :p
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    Asterisk symbol...

    Thanks.. Hi, Thanks for your thoughts, I am clear about this now but not too clear :( . Little bit of doubt is eraded out now....Still..... regards,
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    Asterisk symbol...

    Asterisk symbol.. Even I looked into that section, I couln't find... But when I googled it, it shows some kind of an information that "it is used with surgery code and something liek that, but not an exact information".So i thought of bringing that here where we have so many experts int his...
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    Asterisk symbol...

    Asterisk symbol No, Am just asking?? , Is there any specific meaning for asterisk(*) symbol in cpt book as in the case of (+) refers to add in code, bullet means a new code.. like that am asking is tre anything for asterisk symbol?? regards. Pratap.
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    Asterisk symbol...

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what does the symbol "Asterisk (*) " refer to in the cpt coding manual. I am getting lots of answers in this. can anyone give me a clear thought on this.. Thanks in advance... Regards,:(
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    Can anyone help ..

    Hi, I would like to get some sample anesthesia charts for some practice in anesthesia coding. Can anyone help me in this??? Regards,
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    Diagnosis used for Screening mammogram ..

    Hi all, I want to know whether Dx V76.12 is no more a payable dx for cpt 77057 and 77052 in 2009?? Anyone having problems in this ?? Regards,
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    2009 Cpt codes..

    CPT codes.. Hi, I am asking about the new cpt codes and not the ICD regards, Pratap.
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    2009 Cpt codes..

    Hi all, Where can I find out the Cpt codes for 2009 excluding the CPT books. Does anyhow have a good website?? Regards, :)
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    Coder Productivity

    Radiology production... Hi All, I am from INDIA, I used to code around 500-600 radiology charts per day. When I mean charts it includes the cpt/cpt's, Dx/Dx's, Modifier/Modifier's. And add to this I would be auditing the files done by my team members.It is Hard But I love my job and I do it...
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    depressed skull DX ?

    Depresses skull.. I think you can code Dx 754.0 - Congential Musculoskeletal Deformities of skull, face and jaw. U can find out the depressions in skull under this diagnosis. Pratap.