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    CPT 33274 Micra pacemaker followed by AV junction ablation

    Does anyone have any resources/recommendation if physician documents...Rt femoral vein cannulated sheath was advance, upsided for 14 sheath and advanced. exchanged for the delivery system for Micra 23 French system, prepped and delivered Micra and implanted the device more septally in the RV...
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    GC and GE modifiers help please

    Pediatric patient, charged an e/m 99213 for both facility and pro fee; seen in full by resident and then just discussed with attending per her attestation. Would you report 2 E/M visits and append GE on the pro fee e/m? I have reviewed CMS guidelines and Coding Clinic 4th qtr 2013 but I am...
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    CPT 0276T(bronchial thermoplasty)

    Our physicians are very interested in doing these procedures, does anybody have more info as far as if they are getting paid and what predetermination letters they use for CPT 0276T and 0277T. Thank You.