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    Question Genetics Counseling by NP question

    Genetics counseling by NP is billed with E/M. Question is can you bill Preventative Visit code in addition to the office visit code. The visit is to discuss all things genetic testing and plan. Example 99205 and 99386. The purpose of the visit is genetics counseling. Also, what about...
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    HPSA Bonus AQ Modifier

    Is anyone out there using the AQ modifier in order to get the HPSA bonus? Is it as simple as looking up the address and if it states designated then you add the modifier to the claims for that location? I am finding it impossible to find someone to speak to on the phone about this. Any help...
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    Referring Physician Question

    Can someone please tell me who is used as the referring physician on a claim if the patient was not referred to the podiatrist by a physician? Use the podiatrist as rendering and referring?
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    Full Time Coding Dalton, GA

    We are looking for a full time in office certified coder in Dalton, GA. If interested please email Susan Harris at
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    Wiki Routine Outpatient Prenatal Visits

    Is a code from Z3A required or optional? Everything we read can be interpreted differently.:confused:
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    Certified Coder Needed **Can work from home**

    Please email if interested.
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    Fulltime Certified Coder Needed Dalton, GA

    Don't you have to sign up on
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    Fulltime Certified Coder Needed Dalton, GA

    Certified coder needed for onsite job in Dalton, GA. Please email all resumes to and/or
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    Certified Coder Needed

    Certified coder needed for onsite job in Dalton, GA. Please email all resumes to
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    Wiki ICD-10 Osteoarthritis Coding

    Debra Mitchell, we bill for radiologists and they are telling us they wouldn't necessarily have enough info to know primary or secondary. What option do we have on the joints that don't have unspecified? I am completely stumped on this and would appreciate any help. :confused:
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    Fulltime Coder Needed Dalton, GA

    We are looking for a fulltime coder in Dalton, GA that can do both Anesthesia and radiology. If you are interested please email
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    Dalton, GA Insurance Billing Job

    Needing someone for insurance billing/followup position. Job is in Dalton, GA. If interested please contact us for details at Thanks
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    73520 Confusion

    Well I would like to know the answer for either scenario. But yes same ordering doctor both for a fall.
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    73520 Confusion

    Is it appropriate to code 73520 when the Lt hip xray and rt hip xray are done at different times? For example what if the lt hip and pelvis xray were in the morning but then the rt hip xray was done later in the afternoon? Help...
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    PQRS Help

    I am needing some clarification on Measure 195 Stenosis Measurement. I originally thought it was just whether percentage of stenosis was mentioned but I am questioning myself now. Can someone clarify what exactly you are to look for in the radiology dictation in order to use this measure?
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    Full Time Anesthesia Coder Needed

    Unfortunately we are not able to do this job remotely. Thank you for your interest though.
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    Full Time Anesthesia Coder Needed

    Full time anesthesia coder needed in Dalton, GA. Please respond if interested.
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    PQRS Calculation

    Does anyone know the "formula" that medicare uses to calculate the PQRS incentive payment for Anesthesia?
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    Modified Barium Swallow-If the radiologist

    If the radiologist strictly supervises a barium swallow what can they charge for? Can they still bill 74230 if they don't "interpret" the images?
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    PQRI Codes

    Thanks for your input.
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    PQRI Codes

    When you refer to whether it was documented are you referring to having paper documentation or just that it's documented on a hospital website?
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    PQRI Help????

    Thank you very much for your info.
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    PQRI Help????

    When billing for PQRI on Anesthesia does the documentation have to be in the anesthesia record or is the hospital having it on file enough?
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    Radiology Assistant Billing - Does anyone out there have any experience

    Does anyone out there have any experience in billing for RAs? Our radiologist is dictating and signing the report but the RA actually performed the thoracentesis for example and the report states that the RA did it. How do you bill for these charges? Does the radiologist bill for the...
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    stroke symptoms

    What icd 9 code would you use for stroke symptoms?:confused:
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    Chiroprator orders for MRI/CT

    Thanks for your help.
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    Chiroprator orders for MRI/CT

    We have read that Chiropractor's cannot order MRI/CT for Medicare/Medicaid. With that being said can the radiologist order an MRI/CT for the chiropractor if need be? Do you have to get the order from the patient's treating physician? I have googled and looked everywhere I can to find more...
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    3d Rendering

    If 3 different CTs are performed in one day (example one of head, chest, and neck) with 3d rendering can you charge 3d rendering for each ct? If so how specific does the report have to be about the 3d rendering on each report? Does it simply have to state that 3d rendering was performed?
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    New 2012 Bundle Codes

    Are there any new radiology bundle codes for 2012 like the ct abdomen/pelvis from 2011?
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    inpatient diagnosing question

    I have read that in the inpatient setting, a condition reported as probable, suspected, likely, questionable, possible, still to be ruled out, or other similar terms indicating uncertainty, is coded as if it existed or was established. Any thoughts? Is this true?
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    Code injury or osteoarthritis first?

    Vanessa, Is this because of it being a car accident? Wouldn't that mean you are coding signs and symptoms first? Is this only when the patient comes in with an injury that it is coded in this order?
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    injury coding scenerio

    If someone comes in with an injury or pain and the findings of the report end up being DJD which do you code first? The injury/pain or the DJD?:confused: