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    Billing 99408

    bILLING 99408 Can an RN bill for this visit?
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    Wiki 2017 - New Outpatient Rehabilitation Eval and Re-eval CPT Codes

    97165, 97166, 97167 and 97168, can be billed with 97542 Wheelchair assessment? Good day, does anyone have any insight that when the OT eval codes of 97165-68, if its appropriate to bill 97542 as well. Thank you
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    Individual Psychoherapy (60 min) reporting

    90837 and must be a Master Level or Certified LCSW or a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Authorization must be obtained for all commercial and or MCO. Hope that helps
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    Injections with no provider on site

    Cpt What CPT code can be used for Invega Sustenna? Thank you!
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    Can you bill an office visit with 93284?
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    Can I bill an E/M code with 93284 PDE?

    Can I bill a preventive office visit code with 93284? Thanks!
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    Cpc, & cpma

    Does anyone know an individual looking for employment that is CPC and CPMA? Duties included but not limited to:- Provider Educator Audit charts/Billing Thanks!
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    Thank you! According to the DOH, PPD can be given by an LPN if an RN, and MD is on site or available via phone. Thank you so much!
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    no response? Can someone shed some light please :) Thank you!
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    Can someone let me know if a LPN can plant the PPD for a patient? I know a RN can but not sure of the LPN. Also, the company I work for is now accepting CIGNA health plans and want to pilot PPD since its a required test needed for employees. Can a patient just get a PPD without an OV? Thank you!
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    Help with ICD 10 - Undetermined progressive

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    Help with ICD 10 - Undetermined progressive

    Can someone help me with the ICD 10 code for Undetermined progressive neurodegenerative disease Cerebellar atrophy. Thank you!
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    Two NP's Billed with E/M Codes???

    Come on... Someone help me...
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    Two NP's Billed with E/M Codes???

    I need some advice on how to bill for these claims.. Two different NP's saw the same individual on the same day. One for Internal Medicine and the other Psychiatry. Both NP's submitted billing using E/M code 99213 and Psychiatry 99214. According to MCR, they will only pay one E/M since the...