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    consussion and impact testing

    we see kiddos with concussions and perform IMPACT testing (new code 96146, old code 96120) the new code reduces payment from over $100 to $9, that aside the new code states it cannot be billed if administered my physician, health care professional or tech, well, we perform them during the office...
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    Question 90791, 96130, 96131

    is it allowable to bill 90791 and 96130, 96131 on the same day of service? UH is insisting we bill 90791 (with zero price attached) with testing codes 96130/96131
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    ROS and well checks

    how many ROS are required on a pediatric well check?
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    ROS and well checks

    how many ROS are required on a Pediatric Well check??
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    HELP! codes 96150-96155

    My question to the following article...Would an Registered Nurse be considered a "qualified non physican professional"?? We are providing weight management visits to overweight children at our office...she does 30-60 min visits, one on one. She bills under the child's provider and there are...
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    HELP coding burns

    Hello! I need an answer... child comes in with a burn and the provider codes 16020. The child comes in 2 more times for f/u and change dressing ect...the provider code the appropriate level EM. The child codes in for 4th visit and provider does more debribment and codes 16020 again! Is coding...
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    Billing RN services

    we recently hired a RN to help our patients and parents with specific issues such as asthma, obesity and breastfeeding. We are looking into billing for educational services such as asthma management in the future but as of right now she is helping new moms with breastfeeding issues (after the...
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    can you use 2 new pt codes at same visit?

    Hi! Need help with this senerio...A new patient comes in for a physical and the physician performs an EM at the same visit. Do you code the physical as new and the EM as established or do you code both as new? Not sure if you can use 2 new patient codes at the same visit. Anyone know the answer...