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    Updated CPT code 90846 and 90847 fro 2017

    The CPT code book for 2017 states that 90847 and 90846 (family therapy codes) now have a time attached to them of 50 minutes. May we still use this code if the session goes over this time such as 90 minutes? I have checked the APA site and could not find anything on this. Thank you
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    Teaching Physician

    CMS states the critical or key portions of the service must be performed by the teaching physician or they must be present and the teaching physician's management of the patient must be documented. I am having a discussion with 2 medical directors who state a canned message added in an addendum...
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    May a 99172 be used for administering the visual test using only a eye chart and color chart?
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    NDC Codes

    I have some NDC codes that I cannot find on the internet or using the Medicare crosswalk to HCPS codes. These codes are only off by the last 2 numbers. The NDC code 0641-0928-21 is no where to be found but there is a 0641-0928-25. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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    E&M new pt. vs established

    We have a mental health group which includes ARNP-PSYCHs under the same tax ID same building If a Licensed Mental Health Counselor performs an assessment on a behavioral health NEW patient and then they are sent to the ARNP-Psych provider for the E&M medication part the next day/week should the...