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    Please help, we are stumped!

    This surgery has seriously turned this day upside down, any help is appreciated on which CPT code(s) to use. I have exhausted all of my resources here and we have no resolution; none of us can agree on what codes to use. PLEASE HELP! Procedures as described by physician: Exploratory...
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    Help with discontinued procedure - vascular doppler

    Patient was scheduled for a venous access device, however, in the pre-op holding area, a vascular ultrasound was performed to evaluate the potential for obtaining adequate venous access to support a VAD. After evaluating the patient with vascular doppler, the physician determined that there...
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    Help with CPT code for Repair of incisional hernia + partial omentectomy

    Does 49560 include partial omentectomy? Scrubbed note below: The incisional hernia could be palpated over the lateral aspect of the previous open cholecystectomy incision. The lateral third of the previous surgical incision was then opened and extended approximately 5 cm laterally...