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    Trigger points

    Anyone having problems getting paid if that is the only code submitted to ins? Example would be 99213 - 25 20552 Where can I find info for proper diagnosis that is exceptable?
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    billing e&m and iv pushes

    Robin CPC :) Would modifier 57, "decision for surgery" be the correct way to bill for the E/M ?
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    Medicare G0431 - Medicare is denying G0431 stating

    Robin CPC Just got off the phone with Medicare with the same G0431 QW problem. Per "Natasha" for 11 units bill G0431 QW - 9 units (this is the max that they won't tell you) G0431 QW,59 modifier - 2 units Hope this helps
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    Treatment of Humeral Head Fracture

    Robin, CPC possibly code 23665
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    injection codes - Can someone give me

    code 90772 is a deleted code for 2009. CPT states to report: use 96372. Also if billing Illinois Public aide you need the " SL" modifier on 90649 (Gardasil) When given by the nurse and ordered by the Dr in the office we bill 90649 SL ( if insurance is IDPA) 99211-25 Other insurance: 90649...