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    E/M Help

    I just saw this and you may have your answers by now but in case you are still looking - this is the list we go by: United Health Care stopped accepting consults as of 6/1 Cigna stopped as of 10/1 Others that do not accept consult codes are: Medicare as Primary or Secondary, Medicare HMO, VA...
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    Question Coding Port Draw for blood collection for labs

    Than you so much for your response. Just so I understand, you are billing a venipuncture even though it is not through the skin - it is through the port? When I asked about that, the nurses thought that would be incorrect, but I thought that it is a puncture, just through the port. Have you...
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    Question Coding Port Draw for blood collection for labs

    Right now we do not bill anything for blood collection for labs when that blood is drawn from a port. I work in Oncology and Hematology and we have a lab onsite. When patients come in for lab work only (no office visit or treatment of any kind) and we draw the blood from the port, is there...
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    ESRD N18.6 and requiring dialysis Z99.2

    We always code D63.1 immediately after the N18 code regardless of where in the order the N18.- is. We have had denials if the N18 follows the D63.1.