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    Vent anterolateral wall aneurysm plication

    I need some help coding this part of the procedure! During the same encounter as a CABG... "At this time, the anterolateral wall was examined. It was noted to have a very significant weakness and thinned out wall, therefore plication was done with 2-0 prolene with pledgeted sutures. A base...
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    Saphenous Vein for CABG

    Hi, I see a note in CPT before the 33510-516 and 33517-530 codes that the procurement of the saphenous vein graft is included. I also see CPT 33508 for endoscopic harvest of the saphenous vein for CABG. Can anyone explain what the note is referring to? Is open harvest included in CABG but...
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    Foley Cath in Cardiovascular Procedures

    Chapter 1 of the cci policies states that insertion of urinary catheters is included in a large number of procedures. Can anyone tell me if the foley cath insertion (when performed by the physician) is included in cardiovascular procedures, or is it separately billable with a 59 modifier...
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    35400 Primary Codes

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the related or qualifying codes would be for cpt 35400? Thanks, Diane Huston, CPC
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    Vein to vein anastomosis in CABG

    I'm new to this specialty and I'm trying to understand what's going on when the report says the aorta was punched and there was an end to end anastomosis of the vein. This is before they use the vein on the arteries being bypassed. Is there a code for this? Thanks for your help! Diane...
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    Circc - Do I need ICD9 Vol 1-3

    Do I need ICD9 Vol 1-3 for the test or just Vol 1-2? I do hospital based physician coding. Thanks, Diane Huston, CPC,RCC
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    CCI Edits

    Can anyone recommend a good vendor for checking CCI edits? I'm looking for something that I can enter certain codes into and get the edits just pertaining to those codes. Thanks, Diane Huston, CPC,RCC
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    Internal Iliac Sclerotherapy

    What, if anything, would you code for the sotradecol injection and what code would you use for an internal iliac venogram? Thanks, Diane Pelvic congestion syndrome, persistent unimproved pelvic pain despite bilateral gonadal vein embolizations Moderate sedation was employed using Versed and...
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    New or Established?

    A patient was sent to our out patient IR clinic by his oncologist to be seen by Dr. A for RF ablation of liver cancer on 5/19/09. Prior to this, Dr B inserted a tunneled catheter in the hospital on 3/6/09 and Dr C did a port check in the hospital. No E&M services were provided in the hospital...
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    Documentation Required for 99232?

    Since we're a radiology group our hospital follow ups to the IR procedures are normally 99231. But now the group wants to do a new procedure which (per Society of Interventional Radiology) would fall under a hospital follow up code. I'm wondering what would be required to bill a 99232 for...