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    Coding-Total Hip Revision

    We are having a real problem with Humana paying a revision of a hip. I have submitted 27137 and was denied. I looked it up on the internet and some coders said to use 27134 w/ 52 mod. I tried that and was denied again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the dictation.
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    SI Joint Injections

    We are having a discussion in my office about the correct coding for a non-image guidance in office SI joint injection. 1 coder says 20610 and the other says 20552. What is the correct CPT code?
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    Refund time limit

    Is there an article or Florida Statute that states the MC replacement plans have 6 years in which to ask for a refund from the provider? I know Florida Statute 641.3155 states all but Medicare have 12 months to request. :(