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    90785 Add on Code Charge

    Has anyone used the +90785 add- on code? What are you charging and what have you been paid? :confused: Thanks, Gina Jordan, CPC, CPC-H
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    Psychology Coding

    Good evening, Has anyone ever used a code for phone conversations or for Collateral Contacts with a patient in a follow up situation? If so, what code and were you paid? MCD, MCR, other insurance? Also, what psychology software have you used? Has anyone tried Therapy Notes? Thanks, Gina...
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    ICD-9 verification for Smoking Cessation

    I have been having a hard time uploading the ICD 9 Code for smoking cessation as 305.10, 305.11, etc. The clearinghouse we use will only accept 305.1 or 305.2, ect. In the coding books it clearly asks for a 5th digit. I just had a Drug Rep. hand me a cheat sheet card with CPT and ICD 9 codes...
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    How to bill for a Physician Assistant

    I need help...I work for one physician (Owner) and a Physician Assistant. While credentialing my PA with Medicare I found out that I had to re-register/credential my physician also, which ment my single practice has now become a "group practice". I was told by MCR that I had to get an NPI number...