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    Question Dry Needling 2020 codes

    Can Chiro's and PT's bill for the new dry needling codes? 20560/20561 It doesn't indicate this requirement in the CPT book; however, Optum Encoder's lay description specifically says the services is provided by a 'Physician'.
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    99211 for observation of medication consumption

    Our provider has a standing order for one of our TB patients to report daily for observation of TB medication consumption. This is required by the state to have the patient monitored while medication is being consumed - then is followed up by documenting the process in addition to filling out...
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    OB Hospital Clinic (Antepartum or E/M)

    We have an OB clinic within a local TX Hospital - billing place of service 22. Our providers primarily see high risk pregnancy - mostly medicaid. 99% of the time our patient's DO NOT have an OB they see on a regular basis. We can't bill global, as the patient may or may not return to our clinic...