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    Remote device check while Inpatient for another illness

    I have a claim that was not paid by Medicare for a patients routinely scheduled remote 90 day device check (93297 and 93299). The patient was inpatient at one of our facilities at the same time (for another reason), by our Cardiologist billed a visit for that date too. A/R is stating that we...
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    93350 vs 93351

    Need some input on these codes please. We have been billing the 93350-26 and 93018 if our doc reads the report at the hospital (he is not an employee) and 93351 at our clinical locations since our echo techs are supervising the monitoring continously. We have had some denials (due to incorrect...
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    any cardio coders in the KCMO area??

    Need some clarification from any cardio coders out there please. We have always billed the 93350 and the 93018 for echos done in the hospital where our physician is reading the report. We bill 93351 for the clinic where our staff is monitoring. My supervisor is saying she thinks that it does not...