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    Angio celiac and splenic with embolization

    :o I am hoping to get some advice on the coding for medical record below. Procedures: Selective celiac arteriogram, splenic arterirogram, segmental lower pole branch arteriogram x2, splenic artery coil embolization 3 x 2 Tornado coil x 1 Technique: The right groin was prepped and draped...
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    Thrombectomy w/IVC Filter, venograms and angios

    :eek:I need help with coding the following procedures. I am coding for the Physician There are multiple dates of service on the medical notes which compounds the confusion with the coding. I hope there is a brave soul out there that can take pity on me! The hospital coded the following...
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    Shunt Series Vs Shuntogram Coding

    I am coding for a Radiology group in a hospital. I need help with the "shunt series" coding. Is there a specific code for "Shunt Series" to evaluate for shunt malfunction (skull, chest, and abdomen) The radiologist are using CPT 75809. I don't feel comfortable with this code due to the...