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  1. laureenj

    CPC exam - I have taken the exam 4 time

    Hi Mikele, Email me privately.
  2. laureenj

    CPC exam - I have taken the exam 4 time

    Hi Dana, The Blitz videos are licencess sold to one user. If someone sold a used copy that would be agaist the license they agreed to when they purchased. Of course we can't police it easily so it is mostly on the honor system. It's similar to the post at the top of this board from the AAPC...
  3. laureenj

    E/M and Surigcal Package

    If all they came in for was an I&D (i.e.. it was scheduled previously) then you would code just the I&D. If you have a separate and significant EM (i.e.. clear history, exam and MDM documented) in addition to a procedure note for I&D you should be able to bill both with a 25 modifier on the EM...
  4. laureenj

    Terminology Question Deciphering my Doc

    It's an abbreviation for muscles HTH
  5. laureenj

    use of 25

    It sounds like in both of these cases the patient came in for an EM service and after that was provided the physician decided to do a procedure. I would code the EM with mod 25 in both cases and then the procedures of course. When I teach about modifier 25 I ask my students to visualize the...
  6. laureenj

    E/M Audit

    Hi Brandi, I'd like to get a copy too and put up in the CCO Community area if that is ok with you. Laureen@CodingCertification.Org
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    CPC exam booklet

    Hi Katie, So who told you "they" prefer you don't? Perhaps that person (an instructor perhaps?) meant writing in the manuals - not the exam booklet. It sound like the proctors were fine with it (as they should be). The best thing to do is to email and ask directly if it is...
  8. laureenj

    CPC exam booklet

    Hi scbk1, Yes you can write in your exam booklet all you want. It get's sealed up when your done anyway. They don't like for you to use post it notes or scrap paper for fear of people write exam questions and taking with them afterwards. I recommend to my students that they use their exam...
  9. laureenj

    chances of clearing CPC

    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s!!!!! Yay! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!! Feels good doesn't it.
  10. laureenj

    chances of clearing CPC

    The AAPC doesn't share stats about how many didn't pass the first time but I know it is more common that people realize and you should not beat yourself up if you didn't pass the first time. Board exams are meant to be very difficult and because of the time constraints someone who would have...
  11. laureenj

    Insurance/billing questions on CPC exam

    Not on the CPC exam but there are on the CPC-H. Out of the 150 questions on the CPC Exam there are approximately 10 on "Practice Management" which can have some reimbursement like questions. So as you can see there are not that many. Happy studying and coding!
  12. laureenj

    cpc exam

    You should most definitely have the current years manuals and I highly recommend the Professional version of CPT. Practice Exams are key! Here are recommendations I made on another thread: Best wishes!
  13. laureenj

    Acellular dermal replacement vs. acellular dermal allograft

    replacement vs. allograft You're both right in my opinion. Acellular means "engineered" and allograft means from a cadaver (or live donor but since we're talking skin here let's assume it is a cadaver <g>). Here are my research notes and analysis. FROM CPT ASSISTANT: 1) Description of...
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    Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

    Perfect Formula That is the perfect formula - prepare, review class, practice exams. Good advice.
  15. laureenj

    Getting a job

    I Feel Your Pain My heart goes out to everyone - especially in this economy. There is a shortage of coders yet new coders are having trouble getting in the door. All I can say is hang in there - it is like any other field when you have no experience. You have to keep looking every day and not...
  16. laureenj

    CPC exam - I have taken the exam 4 time

    Hi everyone - someone just told me about this email thread where they were talking about "this lady" and her "blitz" videos. Well here I am! I don't want to go into too much here but since some are asking where these videos are etc. I wanted to jump in because on ebay you only get the DVDs...