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    CPT C9755

    What diagnosis codes cover this new code?
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    cpt codes FOR THE FOLLOWING

    I need help in finding the CPT codes for these patient care related: Fee for informed consent: Fee for inclusion/Exclusion criteria: Nerve block: Labwork(cbc,coags,CMP, pregnancy test) : maturation assistance: Devices for pAVF creation (catheter, GW, Sheath): Investigator Fee:
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    artherectomy in graft or fistula

    can you do an Artherectomy inside the Graft or fistula?
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    arthrectomy and thrombectomy

    can you code for a arthrectomy in an access when doing a thrombectomy? ( in a dialysis fistula) :confused:
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    atherectomy for in-stent stenosis

    can this be billed and what code would be used? This is for venous anastamosis on a dialysis patient
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    G0393 & g0392

    I heard that Medicare is thinking about discontinuing these two codes and using 35475 & 35476. I need to find where i can get more info on this, does anyone know? Thanks