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    Rapid Flu Test A & B

    Can someone help shine some light on billing for this test. I am running into some confusion on it. I have found different links saying if the test is done for A & B, then we can use a 59 modifier while some say use the 91. I have even found information saying we can do it on one line as 2...
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    Ultrasound: abdomen & renal coding help

    I have a few questions on an issue we are seeing on Ultrasound’s that are done. Our Cardio Docs will do the reading on abdominal aorta and the renal ultrasounds. Our question is this… 1) The dictation states “Complete Duplex Scan of abdominal aorta with 2D Imaging, color flow and spectral...
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    Commerical DME billing

    DME Billing Good Morning!! For DME the place of treatment/service will be Home (12) for medicare, and private insurance companies. :) The patients use the DME at home and they are mostly billed as Rental or for the purchase items used at home. Hope that helps.
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    Billing Medicaid Patients for DME in NY State

    Dme You might check with your local Medicaid office. I know when I was doing DME in Texas, as long as we had a signed wavier from the patient saying they are aware that the item might not be covered by Medicaid with the reason why we thought it would not be covered, (not a covered item under...