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    Medical Billing Blog

    Add me please add me my email is
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    CPC currently looking for a coding postion MA

    Open Position Please tell me what you are looking for and where you are available to work. I have several positions open in our Easton, MA office. Thank you Delina Thomas, CPC, CPC-I 781/573-1621
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    Seeking a position in Medical Coding /Billing or Medical Records

    Easton Orthopedic Group Good Morning, If you are still looking for a position and are willing to work in Easton, Ma and eventually in Mansfield MA please send your resume to me at Thank you Delina Thomas, CPC, CPC-I 781/573-1621
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    Patient and Insurance Demographic Question

    Compliance As a long standing healthcare manager I have personal witnessed these errors and was unable to find anything specific or related to this issue. However, compliance is pretty clear. The information regarding patient legal names and date of birth should be accurate. Using...
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    ASC-CRNA's as an option

    Good Afternoon All, Looking for ideas..I am knew to GI (Rhode Island) and our providers wanted me to look into potentially hiring CRNA's for our ASC. Based on all the information I have found this path is not panning out. It would seem that many payers will not reimburse for anesthesia on...
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    New Conscious Sedation Codes

    Has anyone been seeing denials for Medicare conscious sedation codes? I am in RI and we are getting denials for the G0500 when billed with our colons. They are also reimbursing at 100% for the Colon. Thank you :confused::)
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    Crosswalking E&M Codes

    Thank you. I spoke my case and wanted to confirm I was not incorrect. Thank you for your assistance.
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    Objective 10 in relation to a Cardiology Specialist

    Hello All, A client is reaching out and would like help understanding how Objective 10 impacts Cardiology specialists. From my understanding this is related to reporting up to public health. Not sure if there is different criteria for Cardiology as what would they be reporting up? Any help...
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    Crosswalking E&M Codes

    Hello Fellow Coders I need some assistance with cross walking CPT codes. It was suggested that these codes below are ok to crosswalk one for one. However, I am not an expert in E&M coding. It was my understanding that many of these codes are not meeting the components. I understand it is ok...
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    Cpt 92551 versus 92552

    Response Hearing tests Per the code descriptions the 92551 would typically be used of basic comphrensive screenings during a wellness. 92552 would be used to indicate adHearing and Speech Tests INCLUDES: Diagnostic/treatment services not generally included in a comprehensive...
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    Has anyone billed new Prevnar 13?

    Prevnar-13 After contacting BC/BS (yesterday) I was told that each plan benefit dictates coverage. Based on benefits the vaccine will only be covered for preventative reasons. However, upon clarification during the conversation I was quickly diverted to medical necessity. So, I am thinking...
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    INR Clinic

    Good Morning All, I am looking for anything information regarding billing, coding and patient responsibilty with regards to INR Clinic. If anyone is currently offering these services in your office setting and you have time to answer a few questions please give a call at 401-467-3115 ext. 27...
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    EMR/WEBSITE/patient clinical reference material

    Good Afternoon, Primary Care Practice in RI Looking for any input regarding materials handed to patients on specific issues (i.e. CRS). Our office is trying to be proactive and utilize our website for educational/informational handouts typically printed down in the office. Basically, we are...
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    Phyiscals and Developmental billing

    Anyone who bills for pediatric billing in Rhode Island any help would be terrific. Trying to research billing for additional services such as developmental, ADD etc. with phyiscals etc. Provider mentioned billing 96110 & 96111 Anyone have any specifics. Thanks Dee:D
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    smoking cessation -paying for this service

    Smoking Cessation Most commerical insurances cover the 99407. Make sure they are reimbursable by the carrier. BCBS RI has a policy stating that the commerical line of business does not cover the 99406. Medicare covers both.
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    93350 Vs 93351

    Hello All, Revisting this issue over and over again. I was hoping someone might be able to clarify this issue for me. Our office is having a major debate regarding billing for these services. So, could someone please clarify why you would bill 93350 93015 93320 93325 VS 93351 93320 93325...
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    PaceMaker Checks

    Thank you so much. I am also very new to Cardiology billing.
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    PaceMaker Checks

    Hi Molly, 93288 & 93279 or 93280 or 93281 93289 & 93282 or 93283 or 93284 93285 & 93291 Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.
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    PaceMaker Checks

    Help!!!! Are we allowed to bill the interrogration and the programming separtely? Thanks DTN:o :eek:
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    Holter Monitor

    Hi all, Could you tell me if this is correct billing for a hospital holter monitor, our techs hooking up patient, with hopsital equipment. Our doctors doing the read/interpretation. 93325/26 93327/26 Thanks for all your help!
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    2009 CMS Fee schedule for Nuc's and echos

    Hi all, has anyone heard anything regarding medicare cutting the revenue for nuclear cardiolite and echo's? This is becoming a nightmare with the new codes and revenue. It would appear that the Cardiology world is going to be taking a financial hit. If anyone has any informaiton and would...
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    :p Thanks so much for your help. The right wins....
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    New 2009 Stress Echo codes

    Stress Echo Interps Hello Our office does the interps and this has begun a major dicussion because at this time it appears we are going to be losing a large sum of money when the new codes come into effect. I am having a meeting first week of December to get concrete explanations. So, I...
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    Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Telemetry

    Cardionet Hello there we too have just started billing for this serive. There is a lot of differences and explanations regarding billing. I have been told that if you submit the documention to medicare after billing 93799/26 with detailed description in box 19 (mobile cardiac outpatient...
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    Hi All I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out with coding an insertion of a temp pacer and the reposition the ventricular lead. The problem is this was done because the original pacer and lead malfunctioned. We are thinking that 33210-59 33249? If more information is...
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    Has anyone seen the new measures for 2009 PQRI? We are reporting for 2008 and would like to ensure that the measures have not totally changed? Any help would be grateful. Thank you.
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    Stress Echo

    93350, 93015, 93320 & 93325. However, Jan 1 that is changing. Contact me if you would like to discuss changes. Thanks
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    coumadin clinic

    99211 & 85610 (QW) Medicare requires the QW:) :)
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    Good Evening, Any chance you have received information on the 2009 PQRI Measures?