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    Question 99358

    I understand that a 99358 can be used before or after an E/M. The question that has arisen is, the 99358 specifies that it can be used ONCE on a calendar date, however can the provider attach a 99358 to two separate calendar days, i.e. 99358 x1 on 6/29 and 99358 on 7/2, with an E/M on 6/26...
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    E/M New Patient

    We have a new group of providers closing their practice and joining our practice. If the new provider Dr. A has seen a patient under their now defunct practice can Dr. B who is from the same defunct practice but now a new provider under a new tax ID, see the patient as a new Patient?
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    HIPAA and PT

    Our practice is considering renting space to a PT group. There is some concern that our patients would be walking past the PT patients while they are exercising. Would this be an issue?
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    Coding for counseling

    Which code would you use for a 2 hour session by a physician (not a psychiatrist) counseling a patient who has become opioid dependent due to a medical condition? History of illness and plan for intervention and rehab discussed. Thanks!
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    Maximum units on 20550

    Not sure if this has been addressed before but, does anyone have the official information from the NCCI on maximum units allowable on CPT 20550? Thanks!