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    Electronic Coder

    Hi purchase both because the APF having a complete knowledge about the procedures.
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    88361 Looking for guidance

    The actual concept for coding 88361 is they have to document cleary about stains performed by computer assistated or automated with scoring system. otherwise you can check in American pathology foundation coding book
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    X modifier for multiple units of surgical pathology code

    In my point of view the patient is medicare that's way they are asking X modifier.
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    How to code a cancer diagnosis.

    In pleural fluid specimen we have to check for pleural effusion. If Pleural effusion presence means we have to code primary malignant site followed by J91.0. If there is no primary site of malignancy we go with C80.1. coding: C80.1,J91.0 If pleural effusion not documented we can go with...
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    R18.0 Ascites

    Use C80.1 Malignant (primary) neoplasm, unspecified site.
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    Question Granulomatous lung disease code?

    We can go with granuloma of lung J84.10
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    Help with Path report

    Here the condition is nodule and it is not a neoplastic condition better you go with M89.8X8
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    Question G0416 changing for Medicare

    Yes we can change G0416 to 88305 when the documentation not supporting for medicare and specimen other than needle biopsy Ex. Prostate TUR specimen.
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    Bone marrow reports pathology

    Yes we can bill all the above CPT codes when we are having a separate interpretation for all the CPT codes in the documentation.
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    88341 and 88344

    Answer: 88342 X 2,88341 X 3
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    Coding special stains 88312 & 88313

    The actual concept for billing special stains we have to consider blocks in pathology coding. Answer: 88312 X 6 Here i am havinfg doubt on block (B23-14) is this typing wrongly or it is actually (B14-B23). Answer: 88313 X 21 by considering block (B14-B23)