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  1. Chanke

    recent fracture/unrelated

    I have a 9 yo male who has a fracture of the proximal humerus. He was diagnosed in the ED on 7/14. On 7/18 he wason his way to in to see ortho and was in a car wreck. He was transported by EMS to the same ED. He was diagnosed with multiple contusions/abrasions and had the humerus fracture...
  2. Chanke

    + D Dimer

    :eek:Help needed - How can I code the following: I got an outpatient order for a CT scan with the DX listed as + D Dimer. How would you code this? I am at a loss.......:eek:
  3. Chanke

    No Fetal Cardiac Activity?

    How would you code an Ultrasound for the following: Patient had a positive pregnancy test, unsure of dates. Ultrasound shous no IUP, no ectopic/adnexal masses. Can't really code it as an OB ultrasound.
  4. Chanke

    Diminished Bone Age?

    I have a patient who had bone age xrays done of the hand due to short stature. The radiologist stated diminished bone age. How would this be coded? I am totally at a loss..... Thanks!
  5. Chanke

    Respite care

    What code would you use for respite care? Our Rural Health Facility (a CAH) recently started inpatient hospice/palliative care and am unsure how to code respite care. Thanks!
  6. Chanke

    Sexual Assault

    I am having trouble coding this one. Fortunately I haven't had to code this one before. Running an STD/HIV panel on a patient post sexual assault. No other details other than that are given. How do I code the DX on this? Need help, PLEASE and THANK YOU!
  7. Chanke

    PT/INR for Coumadin use w/ Afib

    So, when you code a lab (PT/INR) for a patient on Coumadin and the slip says : Atrial Fib, Coumadin use..... would you use just the 427.31, or would you use the 427.31, v58.83, v58.61 or which combo of these? I am confused as to whether or not just the 427.31 is sufficient, or do we need to...
  8. Chanke

    Occupational Therapy Help Needed

    Hi, I need some help and resources for coding Occupational Therapy. I know the conventions for physical therapy, but have never done occupational therapy. Any input or suggestions would be most appreciated. - Maybe some web sites or books? Thanks!:cool:
  9. Chanke

    SERIOUSLY, No one has an opinion on this??

    :confused: I posted this days ago and got no response. I was kind of hoping to have someone say something. I am trying to change the way things are being done and need some verification : For labwork done to clear a patient to receive contrast medium for a CT scan woould it more apprpriate to...
  10. Chanke

    Labwork before contrast medium for CT

    For labwork done to clear a patient to receive contrast medium for a CT scan woould it more apprpriate to use v72.63 pre procedural lab exam or v72.85 special exam? I think v72.63 makes more sense but the supervisor thinks 'procedural' means surgery....... BTW, previously everyone was...
  11. Chanke

    OB outpatient observation NEED HELP

    :confused:I have the outpatient observation chart for a 37 week came in because she lost her mucus plug and was put on the floor for monitoring for a few hours. No ctx's, no loss of fluid, no srom. what would I use as the dx code on this?? I am really not good at the...
  12. Chanke

    Help w/ pregnancy DX

    :confused:I have an outpateint ultrasound on a mom, they found the fetus has gastroschisis. Do I code the gastroschisis, which is on the fetus, in the moms record?:confused:
  13. Chanke

    Modifier -52 correct usage HELP!

    Please help me on correct usage of modifier -52::confused: The scenario is : patient has an ov, 99212, and a lesion removal 17000 and 17110. Our rural provider based clinic, (medicare option II) appends the following modifiers: 99212 -25 17000-59 17110-52 The rationale used is that they...