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    96127 and 96160

    I am needing information on whether or not if these code 96160 & 96127 can be billed together. Also need to have backup to show the medical director.
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    FQHC question

    I have a question for any coders that code for FQHC's regarding visit and vaccines.
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    Opinion Needed on CPB thru AAPC

    I am a CPC, CPB through AAPC, to me the the CPC is more beneficial. Because in the end your are going to have to know the front and back end of the coding in order to submit corrected claims and work appeal. I wish you the best of luck. If you have any question you can email me...
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    BMI -Which do you pick? / GASTRO

    Bmi Per the ICD-9-CM (Professional Edition) in the note section of V85.5 it states that BMI pediatric codes are for use for persons age 2-20 years old. As well as for the V85 note: BMI adult codes are use for persons over 20 years old.
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    Student Seeking Advice

    New Coder If it is possible you might want to start working throught a temporary services to get the experience, because there are some places that will take coders with little to no experience. Good luck and best wishes.
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    Standing Dx code?

    I am looking for some information regarding a standing dx code. We have a certain clinic that is giving a drug, and always wants us to assume that a certain dx code goes along with the drug instead of documenting that dx code. Can someone please provide me with some information? I know it is...
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    New visit E&M codes for Worker's Comp

    I have found out that most WC carriers follow Medicare guidelines when it comes to billing WC patient. So in saying that I see why they would want an established patient code instead of a new patient visit.
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    Office visit/ultrasound denial

    If you could please supply the wording from the denial, I may be able to help you out. Thanks
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    Newsletter has gone out

    Newletter Can you please add me to the list as well Thanks
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    Home Infusion help!!!!!!!!!

    Additional clarification needed on the correct number of units to bill for per diems for home infusion services. Per Diem definition – The payment made to Facility for each day that a Customer receives a prescribed therapy or other covered services pursuant to this agreement beginning with the...
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    Global billing for pathology service

    Yes, you are correct same tax id, but different NPI numbers.
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    Global billing for pathology service

    Urology is sending the specimens to us.
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    Global billing for pathology service

    If you have 1 tax id number, but you are peformed technical component in one state and sending the slides to another state to be read by a pathologist employed by the same lab, should this be billed globally or spilt? If globally which state should billed- the one performing the reading or the...