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    Best place to search for insurance position or work from home position.

    I've been coding for OB/GYN for almost 5 years, prior to that I coded & billed for family practice for about 8 years. I also do surgery auths and several other duties. I have a couple of questions. Where is a good place to search for a position to work from home for coding and billing? Which...
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    Inpatient neonatal critical care

    I have question on billing for Initial inpatient neonatal critical care (99468) and subsequent inpatient (99469). Does the provider have to be a neonatal specialist or can an MD or regular Pediatrician charge for these services?
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    403.90 chronic hypertensive kidney disease

    I am having some kickbacks on claims with this code. My ICD9 book has disappeared. Can someone please tell me the guidelines for using this code, and the guideline for coding order?