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    Aptima Vaginal Specimen Collection Kits

    Has anyone started using these? I'm trying to figure out how to code for them. How will you code it when the patient dose them on their own?
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    Does 'No CVA tenderness' count as GU in 95 exam?

    This was the determining factor in the level of service I was auditing. The provider argues that this statement should count towards the GU portion of the exam because they were looking for tenderness in the kidneys after a back injury in a car accident. I counted the statement as MSK but...
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    Anesthesia consults for dental surgery, can they get paid?

    Answer to my own question Here is what I found in the Medicaid billing instructions for those that may need this in the future. It's under the physician-related services.... One pre-operative E&M procedure by a physician for a dental client prior to performing dental surgery in an outpatient...
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    anesthesia clearance for dental problems

    I found an answer After much searching and plodding through Medicaids billing instructions I found the answer to my question and thought I would share it since no one else seemed to know. In the Physician Services section of the billing instructions, there is a section that states: One...
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    anesthesia clearance for dental problems

    Any advice on how to diagnose visits for anesthesia clearance for dental problems when the only underlying reason for clearance is age?
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    Anesthesia consults for dental surgery, can they get paid?

    We have quite a few kids on Medicaid that come in for anesthesia clearance evaluations for dental surgery. Has anyone had luck getting these paid? The consult dx doesn't work for Medicaid and MD's can't code dental dx as primary either. Appeals aren't working. Any suggestions on how to code...