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    Cdt coding guidelines for facility coding

    CDT code guidelines Thank you for answering. If the patient has 5 strip crowns, 4 metal crowns, and 3 teeth sealed. Is it appropriate to code each individual tooth. in CPT the unlisted code 41899 is used for the entire mouth. Some payors are wanting the D codes. I would like to learn how...
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    Cdt coding guidelines for facility coding

    I looking for a good source for coding the dental codes (ADA CDT) with guidelines on how to use them. Any help is appreciated. - Thank you:)
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    Aborted procedure - I code outpatient visits

    Facility Outpatient coding for this procedure should be code the procedure with the 74 modifier if the patient actually entered the surgery suite and any med given, be sure to include V64.x
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    Holiday Gifts from Physicians~Ethics

    Is accepting Holiday gifts against the AAPC Code of Ethics?
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    Medicare Billing for Hospital Infusions

    Is this a trick question? Inpatient services are paid by DRG weight, the only procedure codes used are ICD-9 four digit procedure codes.
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    What is the pay range for remote coding?

    Remote coding I contract code. I make $27.50 per hour. The remote positions that I have seen also pay at the very least $18.00 per hour
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    Coder Productivity

    Family Medicine E/M What type of volume would a coder be expected to work per hour when only writing in the dx codes on Family Medicine Fee tickets. The coder reads the written diagnosis, adds the ICD-9 code and sends the fee ticket on its way to a posting clerk. No charts to look at. The...
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    Coder Productivity

    production standards for fee tickets What kind of productivity standards are there for fee tickets? The tickets arrive to the coders desk, marked level of service and the diagnosis written out. The only responsibility that the coder has it to add dx codes to the hand written note by the...
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    NAMAS Course

    Excellent Course I took the course this year. Freakin Fantastic! Shannon is a great instructor, very inter-active. Yeah!!!! Problem is now what do I do with the knowledge. My employer really does not care.
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    Coding Hospital Claims?? HELP!!!!

    information see my suggested links on the other thread that you listed this on.
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    Hospital Coding help, PLEASE

    Links for MS-DRG's Official ICD-9 Coding Guidelines ICD-9 Procedure Codes AHIMA information The AHIMA link has additional links. Good Luck
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    New to Coding in Kansas

    KCK Coding I read the job listing in the Kansas City newspaper on Sunday 03/01/09. There were two coding jobs listed., Career Builder etc....
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    CPC vs. CCS

    Hospital coders Rhonda ~ I would like to send you some information. I am not comfortable putting it on a public forum. What are my options?
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    New to Coding in Kansas

    Kansas Jobs What part of Kansas? Are you CPC or CPC-A? What specialty do you have experience in?
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    Additional Coding Certs

    Ccs~cpc-h I also am studying the books for both of these tests. I was told that the CCS is the "masters" of all coding. Why would I want to persue the CPC-H? I did not really have an answer. Regardless of whether I pass each of these exams, if you don't use it you loose it. I am a life...
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    Auditor credentials

    Doctors Management I recently attended the Doctor's Management Auditing course in San Antonio. Loved it! It is my observation based on my experience, that you MUST have a strong knowledge in E/M, and a strong familiuarity in the basics of auditing E/M codes with the 1995 and 1997 guidelines...
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    Coder Productivity

    Production We have a billing department with 3 full time coders, 1 full time "Quality Coding Analyst" that does not code. Actually we don't know what this person does. We code for the professional services for Womens Care, OBGyn residents, Hospitalist, Pediatric Faculty for a State...
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    Chart Reviewer

    tetzlaffanne can you give more detailed information about the course? If you don't mind me asking, how was the test did you do well? I am glad that you feel that it is well worth your money. Do they cover outpatient surgical procedures also?
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    Employer & coding books

    code books My employer provides 3M encoder; we have one CPT, one ICD-9 book to share among us (3 coders). There are just something's it is just better to use the books. If you can't get the encoder to go there. We do not get any "education" hours, we have to use our vacation time to attend...
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    Lhermitte's sign

    Barber Chair phenomenon~Lhermitte's Sign This is my stab at it. I attached a link to an article that might be helpful. 723.4 Brachial neuritis/radiculitis, NOS (lâr'mĭts, lĕr-mēts') n. An indication of multiple sclerosis and of disorders of the cervical cord, especially compression, in which...
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    Physician Coders copying off Hospital Abstract

    Kudos Congrats to you Kevin. I read about your career Kudos in the Coding Edge!
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    Physician Coders copying off Hospital Abstract

    Code copying Thank you Kevin, I always enjoy reading your advice. My role is outpatient facility coding. I am not an employee of the hospital, I am a contract employee. I questioned why I was printing 3 copies of my coding summary. I was told that the physicians use the codes to bill...
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    Coding Ethics & Legality

    legally speaking If you continue to submit claims to payers, claims that you as a CPC know are fraudulent, you are liable. You better find a new job, contact and attorney or get liability insurance. Read the back of the CMS 1500 claim form. Show it to your physician.
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    Physician Coders copying off Hospital Abstract

    I am looking for documentation that will support that copying off the hospitals coding summary/abstract to submit billing for professional services is wrong. I have recently been informed that this is a widely used practice. I know it is wrong. I don't know if it is just ethically wrong or if...
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    Wiki HCC coding - ICD-9 coding

    Hcc CMS website. HCC is a CMS program
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    Can a CPC open a billing company?

    think about this If I were to hire you to code and bill my services, I would ask you......Do you send claims electronically? What clearinghouse are you using for Federal, State and commercial payers? Are you going to be using direct deposit and electronic payment posting? What is you number...
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    Exp Coder/ NewCredential CPC-H

    Cpc-h I don't know of any remote positions for CPC-H specifically. There are plenty of remote coding positions out there. medAssurant, Outcomes, Kforce etc.. Can you tell me what type of questions are on the CPC-H exam. What areas would I need to concentrate my studies on? My understanding...
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    Hospital Coder - Certified - Needed in Texas

    position Is this a remote position or is there a possibility of it becoming remote?
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    Remember - You have to sign a non-compete contract to work for them. They still have not paid me for the work and training that I did for them. However, I do agree I would have like the job and the freedoms it affords you. Just can't commit to the non-comete and working 2 jobs, that are...
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    No Coding Jobs for inexperienced Coders

    Exam The exam is easy to pass if you use the AAPC study guides. My study group had 100% pass rate. My office currenly has an intern that took classes at a Junior college, her books are telling her different information than the AAPC study guides. She was taught one way and we all were taught...
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    Elevated Troponin or CK's

    QT syndrome & Troponin levels Long QT Syndrome is referring to the rythum on the EKG. The long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a disorder of myocardial repolarization characterized by a prolonged QT interval on the electrocardiogram (ECG) (show ECG 1) [1-3] . This syndrome is associated with an increased...
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    Wiki DX code for "Polypharmacy"

    polypharmacy V58.69 LOng term use of Medications This is all I can find.
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    Getting paid from MedAssurant I still have not received payment just for the training and the first reviews that I performed. Good Luck. Don't forget about the non-compete contract.
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    Bad Boss POWER TRIP Just play the game that is being played. I too had a terrible boss, I am still seeing behaviors to situations in myself that are stemmed from my experience with her. Her boss does not care, no one cares. Why? My advice, there are other jobs out there that you will...
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    Long Timers W/medassurant?

    Med(non)Assurant I would like to address the non compete comment, made by Monica. The contract states that you cannot work for ANY company that performs the same type of reviews/audits for 2 years. This would be in addition to it being a breach of contract to go start your own review business...
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    Pay for coders Isn't it funny that physicians/facilities want to be paid for their work, which requires a CPC or other creditialed persons. I work for a large facility, the Inpt and Outpt coders starting range $20.15 - $28.00. Physician coders (which is much more complicated) get $14 -...
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    Long Timers W/medassurant?

    MedAssurant My advice to you is read the other thread that contain MedAssurant information. Things to note: Icompleted the training, scored 100% on my test, everyone was very nice. I resigned last week, these are the reason why; I was unable to be available for 40 hours per week in addition...
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    I need E/M expert. PLEASE. ?????

    EM Level I agree. Code the documentation. Use the E/M guidelines. It is black and white. CPT states specifically what is required to determine the level of service. Any rx makes the MDM=moderate. It is what management risk the physician is performing. We as coders cannot determine that...
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    I am looking for clarification and supporting documentation in regards to coding and billing insurance companies for services that you know will not get paid. It is my understanding that coders should code the services provided, regardless of the insurance payor or if they are self pay. Is it...
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    MedAssurant completed the training, scored 100% on my test, everyone was very nice. I resigned last week, these are the reason why; I was unable to be available for 40 hours per week in addition to my current position of 40 hours with my local job. I was unable to set aside 1 hour each day...
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    medassurant (remote coding)

    MedAssurant I completed the training, scored 100% on my test, everyone was very nice. I resigned last week, these are the reason why; I was unable to be available for 40 hours per week in addition to my current position of 40 hours with my local job. I was unable to set aside 1 hour each day...
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    Med Assurant Information The training was very good. I got 100% on my test. Problem is that they want you to start coding for them that very next day. It is not like a normal job, where you agree to a start date. It is something that I could definitly do and be happy. However, as the...
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    Chart Reviewer

    coder positions Can give out a few names of the companies that hire for these positions?
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    Coding From Home

    MedAssurant ocook~ Thank you. I have been waiting for someone to step up and tell me something. All I have run across is newly employed staff, that are pretty happy. There is a non compete contract that you have to sign, I put a call into them, to explain it in laymans terms. I am not...
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    Coding From Home

    MedAssurant The training is 11-5 EST, Monday - Friday.
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    Coding From Home

    medassurant training it is done remotely - the trainer is in Maryland, you are in your home (any state) you log into a Webinar and dial in on the phone. Great Training! I just finished my test. I feel really confident. You do have to take alot of notes to catch all the hints and...
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    Sick Newborn Code 99477

    Does anyone have reimbursement history with this new code? Is it meant for newborn with issues such as; infant of diabetic mother, neonatal jaundice, prematurity....diagnosis that do not require a neonatal intensivist or NICU status? Where can I find detailed information in regards to the...
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    Coding From Home

    MedAssurant I am in training this week with MedAssurant. The training is very very good. The trainer is patient, nice and encouraging. It really sounds like a great company to work for. However I have been fishing in the forums for someone that has some longevity with the company to give...
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    medassurant (remote coding)

    How long have you worked for MedAssurant? Do you have steady work? Did you keep another job? Can one make a living working for MedAssurant alone? They just aren't giving me enough secure answers, I can't work 40 hrs at 2 jobs. I would want to quit my current job and work remote. I will be...
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    MedAssurant-Coding from Home

    MedAssurant They do get back with you. The word is spreading like wild fire that they are hiring coding from home. Yesterday was the first day of training, they had trouble with the air conditioning, changed buildings, the Webinar would not work right, after 3 hours of waiting they canceled...