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    Wiki N39.0 uti

    The guidelines for the correct coding of a UTI are stated in the ICD10 book. You can try to appeal to the AMA to change the ICD10 guidelines, but the guidelines were put into place for a reason. The guidelines under diagnosis N39.0 state that we must use an additional code between B95-B97 to...
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    Most payers are not currently reimbursing providers for 3008F. You will need to check with the payers that you are submitting claims to, to find out if they're reimbursing for this code. Currently, we only have one payer who is reimbursing our providers for 3008F, and that payer is Amerigroup...
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    99051 -exactly does this code work

    I totally agree I TOTALLY agree with Augustine here. Jennifer L. Haney, CPC, CCC
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    Additional vessel 92921 + DES stent

    Coding of 1 stent and 1 angioplasty If you are coding 1 stent and 1 angioplasty it should be coded 92928 (main or branch stent) and 92920 (main or branch angioplasty). 92921 is an add on code for an ADDITIONAL branch angioplasty. 92921 would only be used if the provider were performing a...
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    Wiki right atrial mass dx code

    Check Pathology Report First I would check the pathology report before I coded anything. If the report comes back stating there is evidence for neoplasm, but that the neoplasm is benign, then 212.7 would be correct. If pathology comes back stating that there is no evidence for neoplasm...
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    Wiki ICD-9 Coding for AAA - Status Post Repair

    Status Post Surgery There are too many surgeries for the ICD9 to have a status post code for each of them, so V45.89 can be used for status postoperative NEC. It's what I use (when there isn't a specific status post code for the surgery we performed) if the patient isn't having issues and our...
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    DX code for atrial septal hypertrophy

    Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the Atrial Septum Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the Atrial Septum is also known as a benign fatty infiltration of the interatrial septum (AKA benign cardiac mass). To explain that to an insurance company I would use 429.89 (Other ill-defined heart diseases; other). Hope...
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    Help with ICD-9 code

    Coding Echo's Once the echo is performed, and there is a diagnosis that can be used from the results of the echo, you should code only the results of the echo and not the indication(s) for the echo. Indications are sometimes very vague and some are for "rule out" and are not definitive (the...
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    ICD9 Coding Question

    Abnormal, findings, pro-brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) I agree with 790.99 as well. Jennifer L. Haney, CPC, CCC
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    AV malformation of colon ICD 9 code

    747.61 I agree with 747.61. AVM's are usually congenital. If you're concerned that it's not congenital you could ask the Doctor to clarify. A malformation, by definition is "Abnormal or anomalous formation or structure; deformity." So if I had to pick between the 747.61 and the 569.84, I'd...
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    Icd-9 code for dyssynchrony

    Dyssyncrony I think 427.9 would be appropriate. Jennifer L. Haney, CPC, CCC
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    Dx code for Coronary Stent restenosis?

    996.74 In addition to my previous post I'd like to point out that the 996.7X series of diagnosis codes state "other complications of...". If you look at the 996.6X series of codes you'll see "infection or inflammatory reaction due to..." and if you look at the 996.0X series of codes you'll see...
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    V45.89-I was wondering

    V45.89 I know the thread is old, but I figured there may be other coders who may search this topic in the future. In our practice we use V45.89 for any status post surgical procedures that don't have their own particular s/p diagnosis codes. Obviously there are two many procedures for the...
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    Tilt table test - Wht is the code for abnormal tilt table test

    Abnormal Tilt Table If a tilt table test is abnormal you should code the reason it was abnormal. If it's not definitive in the report you could code the reason the patient had the test (syncope?). Check the indication on the op report and/or check the order. I suppose you could also use...
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    414.00 vs 414.01

    Cad I agree with Lori. Be cautious of which CAD diagnosis you use. If a doctor does not specify a coronary vessel (any of the 5 main coronary arteries or their branches) and also does not specify that the coronary artery disease is in a graft of a coronary artery, 414.00 should be used. If...
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    ICD-9 for abnormal holter results

    794.30 I use 794.30 for abnormal holter results and abnormal exercise tolerance test results. I save 794.39 for abnormal nuclear stress. 794.31 is for an abnormal ekg.
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    Dx code for Coronary Stent restenosis?

    CCC Study Guide I also see 996.74 in the CCC Study Guide. Page 10 of the 2013 study guide states "For stenosis of previously stented coronary artery, assign 996.74."
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    ICD-9 code-Wouldn't I use 447.70

    Dilation of Aorta How about 441.9 Aortic aneurysm of unspecified site without mention of rupture/Dilatation of aorta?
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    Does anyone have a copy of the CPT Changes: An Insider's View 2009? If you could share the information for CPT code 96365 I would very much appreciate it. We're having an issue with getting Medicare to pay for this procedure when our Cardiologist performs it in the hospital setting. If...