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    Cpt Code 64623

    For Radiofrequency I have been billing 64622 and 64623 with 77003. Health New England has been rejecting the 64623 lately. Is anyone else having this problem? I have started billing it with the 77002.
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    New Or Est Pt

    Hmmm, I work for an Anesthesia office and under the same tax ID its a to the doctor but not new to the practice.
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    To rephrase that I only jumped up a dollar after the CPC...but i'm probaly stuck at 19 because of the economy..But as someone says it's all about the experience. An average coder salary is 35-40, 000 so guess we're all in the right range.
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    Patella Femoral Syndome

    Thanks everyone..!
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    Patella Femoral Syndome

    Hi, I use 719.46 for this diagnosis was wondering if anyone used anything different? or am I on point.
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    I think 16/hour is generous for 1 year experience, but being a hard worker I would say 16-18 is fair. I started at 15 and after certification jumped to maybe have the person obtain their cpc certification and give a healthy increase. Of course depends on the area.
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    Practice Using 95 & 97 Guidelines??

    You can use both, but I was told it was wise to choose one set and stick to it. Having 14 physicians, it was better for me to have them on the same page when documenting exam elements. Working in pain we benefitted more by using the 95 guidelines. Getting the physicians to document each...
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    Necessity of the chief complaint

    If these are returning patients the doctors don't have to document the history if they do document any exam and decision making (Assessment). We were taught from a chart auditor that we could include the chief complaint as the location in the HPI. The Chief Complaint is often missing in our...
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    Bowel Sounds as Exam bullet 97 guidelines

    no, we use bowel sounds as a bullet under the 95 guidelines for the abdomen Under 97 it would be GI as the above poster said organs vs systems
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    Anesthesia Modifiers - I'm wondering if anyone would

    I'm going to agree, we do use the QK modifier as well
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    Wiki Lumbar Facet Arthropathy

    We were using 724.8 for facet syndrome but another coder in the office did raise a question that led us to start using 721.3
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    Coding 77003 with 62311 etc...

    Never had a problem reporting 62311 with rejections ever except at the beginning when the fluro code changed from 76005
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    I'm so frustrated!

    Yeah I would say go the temp route...After I graduated college in 2000, I took a two day job at a Pain Management Center just doing filing. That two day job turned into months and eventually a year and me learning everything in the office as well as forming relationships with doctors and...