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    Co-Surgeons and PA Assist

    Hi, I have a unique situation....... A Physician (whom I work for) did a co-surgery with another physician and our PA also assisted. Can I bill out for the PA also with the AS modifier? Both physicians will be billing out with -62 modifiers: 63047 22830 22852 20937 Can I bill these also...
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    UDS - Still confused! Help

    Hello Everyone! I have read and read and read everything I can on Urine Drug Screening and I am still totally confused. I recently took over a Pain Management office and need help. Currently it looks like they have tons of UDS in their A/R unpaid. Medicare changed the code on us this year to...
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    Vascular Charge Sheet

    Hey Everyone - Will someone please help me and maybe send me a vascular charge sheet or post what codes you are using? I just found out we are starting to do them tomorrow :confused: Thank you I appreciate it! Eric
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    Oxygen Reimb during ECP Treatment

    Hey Everyone - I am new to Cardiology billing and to this site. Have a few questions but here is my first. Is there a way to get reimbursed for oxygen when a patient comes in for an ECP treatment (G0166)? Each treatment takes (1) hour and our tanks last for (2) hours so we are refilling them...