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100% remote coder needed - pro fee coder needed asap


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I have information on a remote position. This is what the recruiter sent to me. If anyone is interested please forward your resume to vhodges2007@gmail.com and I will make sure the recruiter gets your resume first hand.

The information is listed below.


Pro-fee coder who can work their billing denials. This is a heavy research/denials position. This is an EDIT and DENIAL position. This is not a traditional pro-fee coding position. If the coder doesn't have the EDITS and DENIALS experience working in conjunction with the billing team, PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT THEM.
They need to be comfortable and experienced working in edits and denials. There is a lot of nuances that make this unique. The client has a heavy backlog and needs coders to get them to a manageable level. It will likely be 6 month project.

The coder will need to review the record, find the issue on the denial and communicate with the billers on whether or not an appeal is in order.

The coder will need to help the biller understand how to communicate to the payer (for example: the coder will explain to biller "you need to tell the payer that this all the modifiers are listed, it meets medical necessity, and they need to process for payment')

In many cases as well- the coder will need to talk w/ the payers and medicare directly to discuss the chart and explain the reasoning for why the claim should be paid.

Client uses IDX on the billing side, so prefers this experience (not mandatory)
Full time (daytime hours) is needed.
The coder is expected to provide a specific work schedule and is expected to stick to the schedule; communicating any deviation in that schedule if something should arise.

There is a mandatory, weekly call with the client management team, the client billing team, and the Comforce Pro-fee editors. The comforce editors will need to provide feedback on the issues they are coming across with payors, trends in recurring edits, preventable edits, etc. They need to be able to communicate with all levels of Holzer management and exude confidence in the pro-fee rules/regulations as it relates to proper billing. THIS FACILITY PRACTICES PROVIDER BASED BILLING which has unique rules in regards to modifiers, bundling, etc. experience in this area is highly desirable for the best accuracy.

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Shomila Sondhi | Recruiter
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I have been in pro fee denials. Are we talking about family practice, surgery or a variety?