23930 ? Opinions greatly appreciated


Winter Springs, FL
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I am stumped. I am thinking 23930, but not sure I am correct. Would appreciate other
opinions . . . . . . . A little background, patient had repair of the pectoralis major tendon.
Still had problems, so doctor did a "takedown" of the pectoralis major tendon repair.
the report reads:

Previous incision was evaluated. Staples were removed. The sutures in the subcutaneous tissues were released and removed. Deltopectoral interval was identified.The absorbable sutures in this area were removed. Deltopectoral interval was bluntly dissected. The repair was intat; however, there was some tension. Therefore the sutures from the anchors were released and the pectoralis major tendon retracted medially. The aread of the suture anchor placement was evaluated. It was confirmed that this was just lateral to the bicipital groove.The sutures in the tendon were removed. The are was then irrigated thoroughly. There was no evidence for any type of significant hematoma. Nerves were intact. Vessels were intact. Once the exploration was ocmpleted, the area was then again
irrigated thoroughly. Instruments were removed. Deltopectoral interval was loosely approximated with 0 vicryl. Subcutaneous tissue was approximated with 2-0 Vicryl. etc.
Please help, all opinions are greatly appreciated.
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Answer, and another question......

What about 21501? Since the pec major is in the chest, or thorax, maybe this will fly. Hopefully there is a possibility that this will work in your situation.
I have a question, what code did you use for the original repair? I need to code a pec major muscle repair, and possibility tendon repair. Am having no luck at all.