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DOC operative report says he did an excision of tumor from left thumb dx- tumor of left thumb in theradial aspect - or path report came back as a giant cell tumor of tendon sheath

operative read as follow-

The patient had no sensation distal to the Pip joint of the left thumb on the radial aspect due to the tumor. The thumb was prepped and draped in the usual fashion. Alongitudinal incision was made over the mass and the thumb dissected.The digital nerve was encased in the nerve consistent with a schwannoma. The mass was excised in its entirety. Hemostasis was used for electrocautery.The wound was irrigated and closed with 4-0 nylon sutures. Sterile dressings wasapplied.

also doc say something about a schwannoma. Path report stated stated giant cell tumor of tendon sheath
which cpt code would you use and dx ?or does doc lack info -please help-thanks