27446 or 27438

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Good afternoon everyone,

OP note states that "medial arthrotomy performed.Femoral and tibial compartments mediolaterally were without pathology. sever erosive degenerative arthritis of teh entire trochlea and patellofemeral lateral facet. Therefore patellofemoral placement performed."

Surgeon used a Zimmer size #3 left femoral PFJ instrumentation with a size 32 mm poly patellar button.

I'm thinking 27438 - Arthroplasty, patella; with prosthesis.

Surgeion using 27446 - Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau, medial or lateral compartment.

Thanks for your help.
I use 27438- patella arthroplasty, 27599 - trochlear implant.

27442 states femoral condyles or tib plateau.