29826 ... again


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I have heard that this code cannot be billed alone eff. 2012. I previously have keyed it as an unlisted code, but have been hearing lately that we are not to do that either. Can anyone help me? The only procedure performed what the arthroscopic subacromial decompression... nothng else! Thanks!!
I recently went to an Orthopedic Workshop put on by Karen Zupko & Associates. They are advising the use of either 29822 (limited debridement) or 29823 (extensive debridement) if only the subacromial decompression is done. It would be interesting to hear other opinions.
If you look in the CPT book under 29826 (if this procedure was done laparoscopy), then there are certain codes you can bill it with. You can not bill it with an open procedure. Don't use an unlisted code.

Thanks, Connie
I also went to the PA Orthopaedic Society meeting presented by: KarenZupko & Associates, Inc. presented by Mary LeGrand and can confirm that you are not to use an unlisted code/ (never) for any add + on codes. Use as previously stated 29822 ro 29823, per documentation.
now AMA/and AAOS is making at stand on 29822/or 29823.

Medicare just removed the edit for 29826 and 29822...The question is still use 29822/or 29823 for Medicare when 29826 only???