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Does anyone else use the 3M coding software? If so, can you tell me when it is or isn't appropriate to use "new problem, no additional work up or studies required"? I noticed a big difference in selecting this vs self limited/minor problem. Example - if a patient comes in with ear pain, and it ends up being otitis externa. The physician documents a comp. hx and exam, and gives auralgon gtts, septra and vicodin. If you choose, new problem, which it is, this assigns moderate complexity decision making. If you chose self limited problem, it assigns straightforward decision making. BIG difference.

So, again, when is it approrpiate to use the "new problem requiring no additional work-up/diagnotic studies?

Which leads to another question, if someone comes in with an ankle injury, final dx of sprain, is it appropriate to use "new problem requiring additional work up/diagnostic/studies/consult"? The problem could also be self-limited or minor, which again, the decision making assigned has a BIG difference. The injury does require additional work up/diagnostic studies....

I hope I'm not choosing the wrong options????

Any feedback from someone who uses this software is appreciated.