52000-52 or 51703?

Wahoo, NE
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Would this be 52000-52 or 51703? Since only the urethra was seen and not the bladder, can 52000 even be coded? I'm leaning toward 51703.

Diagnosis: Urinary retention
Difficult Foley placement procedure
The patient was prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. A 16 French Foley and 18 French coudé were not able to be passed. I tried sensor wire and Glidewire without success either. Eventually I elected to switch to the bedside flexible cystoscope. Cystoscopy was very difficult due to the uncircumcised nature of the phallus as well as long penile urethra. A large false passage was noted. Eventually, I was able to locate a pinpoint urethral opening which was like 3 mm in diameter, looked almost like a stricture. This was cannulated with a wire. I then placed an 18 French council catheter over the wire. There was E flux of clear yellow urine. 10 cc of sterile water were inflated into the balloon. The catheter was hooked up to a drainage bag. Catheter was then secured to the patient's leg.