Question 90837-GT place of service 02 with diagnosis F33.1 denial


Lakeland, FL
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90837-GT place of service 02 with diagnosis F33.1 denies with my provider who is a Psy.D. in the state of Florida who is still doing only telehealth visits, as of date. I need to show her the change in payment policy, but Humana Gold just refers me back to FCSO/Medicare contractor for the changed payment policy. I've been all over CMS trying to locate the change. This has paid for at least 2 years using this code, modifier, POS and diagnosis. They'll pay under other diagnoses, but not F33.1 beginning 1/1/22 or so. Anyone else having this problem? I really just need the change in the payment policy to show the provider it changed. She doesn't believe Humana nor me...LOL Thank you for any input on this!