aborted procedure-spine arthrodesis


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I would like anyone's comments regarding billing a staged spine surgery involving an aborted surgery. My surgeon performed a scoliosis thoracic-lumbar multi-level 360 arthrodesis involving three separate surgical days.
Day 1: anterior fusion with instrumentation and caging-successful
Day 2: (week later) aborted posterior fusion occured due to hypotension. Prior fusion instrumentation removed and placed one side of screws at all levels involved.
Day 3: (week after aborted procedure) Completed other side of instrumentation, the arthrodeis, and grafting.
The question is do I bill all three days (Day 1 for the anterior, Day 2 for the hardware removal with a 53 modifier, and Day 3 for the instrumentation, fusion, and grafting with a 58) or can I do it some other way.