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Does anyone know where I can get legal advice about coding? I have another issue at work and am having nightmares about spending way too much defending myself for things done wrong I truly know nothing about.
Once I find out about the incorrect coding, some of which has been going on for years, what are my obligations. If it's charted incorrectly and I know it, then what???????? Those types of things. Thanks so much. Oh, I really don't want another job. I'd like to clean this place up. Rhonda
December 2007 Coding Edge had a article in it concerning these issues. You could also check out the OIG website, CMS has a web based seminar on abuse and fraud that can be found under the MLN link under the education and outreach link that may help. My local medical society has a handbook on their website that lists attornies that handle medical practices.
Perhaps someone with a JD will see your email. Legal issues and coding may be a topic that needs to be presented for coder community consideration. Does your state have a legal handbook for HIM practice? That may be of some help.